I have to ask these questions because nothing else makes any sense whatsoever.  I want to believe Trump is something other than completely captured within the gears of the U.S./U.K./Israeli machine and is trying to still serve us.

But, the reality is that he looks, at this point, no different than Obama and his base continues to make excuses for him given the situation.  And this is exactly what they are supposed to do.  So, that the Deep State moves forward and Trump is sacrificed on the altar of our anger.

Welcome to 2018 and the prelude to open war.

Trump sending carrier group to Syria

LIBOR Continues to blow out 2.34% and climbing

The Harder the Winds of War Blow, the More they Suck

The Harder the Winds of War Blow, the More they Suck

Merkel Caving on Nordstream 2:

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