For months I’ve been telling my subscribers that Donald Trump was going to win this election in an ‘electoral college walk.  The Democrats losing this election is a self-inflicted wound.  By rigging the nomination in favor of the hated Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders they sacrificed their chances on an altar of arrogance. 

Sanders appealed strongly to two of the three major demographics that make up the Democrat coalition – the ‘Bubbas’ and disaffected under-class.  The ‘Bubbas’ (their term, not mine) are what’s left of the working-class union vote and were ripe to be plucked by Sanders’ and Trump’s populist messages.

The Bubba Break-Up

Hillary needs the Bubbas to win the battlegrounds of Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.  She’s not going to get them. 

During the primary season the Bubbas defected from Clinton to Sanders, because despite the headlines, this economy sucks.  They know, better than many, that most of the jobs created under Obama’s watch are baristas, bartenders and Wal-Mart greeters.   

Trump targeted these guys and their deplorable brethren early in the primary season, making it the cornerstone of his campaign.  He’s pulled in many of them and they ain’t comin’ back to Hil.

She was the choice of the smug, all-knowing, over-educated middle class aspirants to higher social status that still think the New Yorker is edgy.

These are the folks who run the DNC. 

This three-pronged coalition that is the Democratic Party, already reeling from a divisive primary battle, has been atomized by Donald Trump’s bizarre mix of populism, braggadocio and patriotism as this campaign has dragged on.

And that’s the funny part about this election. The media has spent most of the summer convincing us that the Republicans are splintering because some war-mongering, neoconservative losers took their toys back to Bill Kristol’s house to sulk before rejoining the Democrats like good little Trotskyites to rally behind Hillary.  

And so nobody noticed the Democrats have already imploded. 


In fact, thanks to Trump the masks have been ripped off both parties.  And what’s revealed is, simply put, the face of evil itself.  The elites that run both the RNC and the DNC have banded together to stop Trump to ensure the Military-Industrial-Environmental-Educational-Bureaucratic gravy train keeps on flowing. 

Even the U.N. is getting in on the action.  I guess outside influence is okay as long as it’s in support of the right candidate.

Why? Because what unites them at the core is the Empire itself.  The globalist dream of universal serfdom for us and unassailable power for them.

The old and new media put up a united front, the epitome of Lenin’s useful idiots, torching what’s left of its credibility in a willful display of self-immolation not seen since the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

And speaking of Nazis, let’s talk about when Donald Trump told us all that he was going to gas every illegal immigrant and Muslim on his way to declaring himself Fuhrer for Life …. Wait, what? You don’t remember that either?

That’s right, because it never freaking happened. 

But, that’s essentially been the sum and substance of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President.  Vote for me because the other guy is ‘literally Hitler.’  Never mind the mountains of stolen money, mounds of dead bodies, oceans of refugees and piles of smashed Blackberries, “That guy’s unqualified!”

Putin on the ‘Blitz

When faced with the truth of rigging the primaries for her, did the DNC step back, respect the office and show a little shame?

Of course not.  These are insouciant baby-boomers.  Facing up to the consequences of their actions is for their children to do. 

So, instead of sacking up and vilifying the DNC for acting like a bunch of thugs the media not only embraced Hillary’s use of Godwin’s Law, it went bigger.

Enter the Putin Monster lurking behind every headline, waiting to turn Trump into his agent like some silly episode of “24.”  In fact, Hillary’s Putin Paranoia makes anything dreamed up by Philip K. Dick look like a convocation of Amish dairy farmers.

And we’re the conspiracy theorists.

Now, we’re watching them try to gin up World War III before Trump takes office to avoid being thrown in jail.  This is how sick these people are.

Because, all that matters in the end is their maintaining power, no matter who it hurts or what it costs.

The Real Generational Gap

This is the legacy of the baby boomer generation: a global debt crisis, endless proxy wars, biannual regime change and millions of dead and displaced people running from horrors inflicted on them by overgrown children throwing a generational temper tantrum wanting just one more cookie before it all comes crashing down.

And Hillary Clinton is their messiah: a soulless, Machiavellian harpy with an entitlement streak wider than the Mainstream Media’s credibility gap.

Hillary’s campaign is being run by a bunch of worldly twenty-somethings from Brooklyn who live in an echo chamber so small it would rent for less than $500 a month on the Upper East Side and who have no idea how to deal with Trump’s mastery of media.

I’m a New Yorker.  I’m 48.  I’ve grown bald with Donald Trump on my television. 

And it’s been a pleasure watching him build another Mar-a-Lago in their heads living TV-ad free for months with “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” the only choice on the in-house cable feed.

For better or worse, Trump is Trump.  He may be a bombastic boor, but at least he’s honest about it. 

Hillary lies about what she had for breakfast.  She’s the epitome of artifice.

And that’s the key to why Hillary has already lost this election. 

The two groups Hillary needs to win this election are the Bernie millennials and the Black/Latino vote. Hillary’s problems with minorities will likely wash out with Trump’s alienation of them thanks to the MSM’s tenuous relationship with decency.

But the big problem for Hillary is those millennials will not turn out for her.

This is a generation more aware of how screwed they are than mine was.  And while their political identity is in flux– reared on diet of Comedy Central snark as a coping mechanism for the lying — they have a near obsession with natural things – real fiber clothing, lumberjack fashion, farm-to-table food choices, etc.

They’ve turned their Masters of Social Justice into Ph.D’s in Cocktails, Cappuccinos and Craft Beers… and bless their hearts.  I can finally get a good whiskey sour when I visit my friends in South Florida. 

At least now some of them are entrepreneurs.

Their cultural identity is one big cry for authenticity in a sea of smarm.  Hillary’s authenticity gap is simply too big for many millennials to square with that value system.

Will they pull the lever for Trump?  I don’t know.  But, I know many of them won’t pull the lever for Hillary and that’s all that matters.