With five simple words Donald Trump changed this election.

“Because you’d be in jail.”

In fact, those five words just won him the election.  Everything he said after that was gravy.

It removed the final pillar of doubt that Trump was a stalking horse for the Empire from the minds of angry undecided voters.  Regardless of his personal faults, that he said what we’re all thinking solidified his position as the people’s candidate.

Trump put to bed Hillary’s assertion that his temperament is all wrong for the Presidency.

With five little words.

He put paid his past foreign policy criticisms by summing up all the scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton.

With five little words.

Lastly, he solidified his positioning of not only being the people’s candidate but, more importantly, the peace candidate.

Because the threat behind those five little words would finally connect all of the threads of what’s wrong with America to Hillary Clinton and the web of disgusting oligarchs she runs cover for.

And it would force so many people to finally face up to the enormity of the task ahead of us.

We have to dismantle an Empire so vast that it bombs, enslaves and starves people all over the world while claiming a moral high ground most of us no longer feel.  And that shame is becoming too much to bear.

So, when Trump, very coolly, asks why we can’t be friends with Russia he’s asking the same questions we are:

Why are we so impotent against ISIS when Russia is systematically destroying them in Syria?

Why are we trying to goad them into a war and blaming them for it?

How is this improving my life here at home?

All of this leads to the overwhelming question of

Who does Hillary really work for?

And that’s the question that now hangs over this election like the stink from my bucks while in rut.

And speaking of sexual predation, early in the debate Trump said that words matter less than actions, and he was absolutely right about that.

But, during the debate, his words were more important.  They implied actions he is now bound to.  This was a lifeline of honesty in a sea of mendacity.

It was also a promise.  And, if he wins, he better keep it.

Because, the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.  And Hillary’s obvious guilt needed to be admitted in public by a representative of the people.

Trump did just that, and that’s why he’s going to win in four weeks.

All because of five little words.