“Hockey seems completely lawless and, therefore,
inexplicably sexy.”
             — Rachel Nichols

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Hockey is the religion of Canada…

It is as much a game of will as it is skill.  It’s beautiful in its brutality

And when the two meet the results are electric, where a bone-jarring hit is felt ’round the world.

Alberta delivered a huge hit with the election of Danielle Smith, who locals assure me is ‘the real deal,’

Building on the truckers’ rebellion, Canada is waking up with the rest of the world

Declarations of Independence are occurring all over the world.  From Iran and Saudi Arabia to Egypt and Spain.

And the globalists are still trying to carry the puck over the blue line with speed.  

The don’t know any other way to play the game.  

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter focuses on how the time is here for us to stand up on the blueline and say, “Oh, that’s quite enough of that, eh!”

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  • How my trip to Canada changed my view of it.
  • Why The Trump Show should be canceled
  • How Jerome Powell just admitted Keynesian Economics doesn’t work
  • Why the Persian Gulf is set to become an Arab Lake
  • Who makes up the Real Canada, and are they ready?

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