America F%ck, yeah!
             — Team America: World Police

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America is failing.  It is descending into clown world.  

The courts are corrupt, our politicians traitors, and our cities full of unpoliced walking dead.

This is the image we are all subjected to day in and day out.

But here’s the secret.  IT ISN’T TRUE!

It’s a lie, as pernicious as the one that says AI will replace all the artists with code.  It’s a fallacy generated to dispirit you.

To see the lie, you just have to look at who’s screaming it and why…

In short, the Commies of the World Economic Forum, believe they have the recipe to turn America against herself.

Because that’s the only way to defeat the “Shining House on the Hill,” by tearing it down.

And there is no faster way to do that than marching us into a war Americans don’t want against enemies who will fight to the last man.

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  • Why the AI magic trick is so very scary.
  • Why timing in all operations is the key to victory

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