“There is no spoon.”
                 — Boy, The Matrix

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Our society is built on a faulty premise.  We can offset all risks.

This lie is built into every corner of our politics and finances.  We teach children we’ve conquered time.

And it’s a lie.  The biggest lie of them all.

Recessions, bond-yields, stock prices, the equity in our homes… all lies built on fifteen years of zero-cost money.

This perversion is coming to an end.  And the denial is everywhere.   

Will the Fed Pivot in February?  Will there be a recession?  World War III? Biden Impeached?

These all miss the point.  What funded our delusions? What does the world look like at a baseline
most of us have never experienced?

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter focuses on these distortions, delusions and denials and turn them into a counter position for you to thrive.

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  • Why everyone is wrong, there is no recession
  • Why the Fed hiking rates is the real punk rock
  • How we finally reject their frame that Presidents are important
  • What long-forgotten gold company is ready to rock
  • Why sustaining lies now is the costliest scam of them all.

All in 12 pages.

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