For those of you that don’t know, I’m not just an OG when it comes to bitcoin. I’ve been lurking around the edges of the Mises Institute community for two decades now, first emailing Lew Rockwell thanking him for an article about FDR’s campaign of terror against Italians during WWII.

The Japanese got it worse, certainly, but there was sincere persecution of WOPs back then that I had zero idea about. My family didn’t talk about things in those terms. No victimology was really allowed in my dad’s house.

During that time I watched Tom Woods arrive on the scene. I remember reading his conversion from, in his words, a standard conservative to staunch libertarian in article after article. Tom’s journey was a memorable one and when I began tentatively submitting articles to Lew on occasion, I got great emails from Tom a few times, which I really appreciated.

Because I’ve always seen Tom as someone who ‘gets it’ when it comes to finding better ways to communicate the consequences and opportunities afforded by liberty versus tyranny. He’s been a good role-model, reminding me that we all have to find our particular niche in the division of labor to add value.

So, we’ve been in each other’s orbit for a long time but, like so many in the Mises crowd, we hadn’t met or chatted one-on-one before. My journey to where I am today has taken me on a slow tour of all of these folks, getting to meet and/or talk with them one by one. Having breakfast with Lew Rockwell before speaking at the Ron Paul Institute Conference in Houston is something I’ll treasure.

With all of that preamble out of the way, I was really happy last week when I got a Twitter DM from Tom asking to be on his podcast. I’m now committed to having him on the GGnG Podcast (RSS link) which I’ll set up in the near future.

For now this 35 minutes or so will have to suffice.