“This is how liberty dies… to thunderous applause”
— Padme Amidala, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

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The more I dig into the guts of the global conflict the more it simply looks like a spat between parents and children.

Ben Franklin worried for the future of the US Republic from the moment the Constitution was drafted in 1787.

Today, after more than 230 years of attacks on it, our former Colonial Masters are running around knocking out institutional supports seemingly on a daily basis.

Europe’s oligarchs, The Davos Crowd, wants their colonies back!

And they want to use up what’s left of the US’s dynamism in a futile two-front war with superpowers Russia and China.

I asked last month would they double down or back down?

This month, with the assault on a former president’s home, we have our answer.

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  • Why the FBI raided Trump’s home?
  • What Davos’ goals are for the US?
  • Why Xi and Erdogan are rewriting the laws of the sea.
  • Why Civil War seems inevitable
  • What the next phase of inflation will look like
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