Don’t let the title fool you, however, I spend a good part of the first 30 minutes going over in detail why I’m not a Bitcoin Maximalist. It’s a deeper argument than just Bitcoin, however. It’s more of a philosophical discussion as to why I’m not an Anything Maximalist.

Cycles dominate our lives. The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility governs all of our behavior, including the use of money… especially the use of money and our perception of any particular commodity for use as money.

Only from that consistent philosophical framework can we put into context the order in which events are likely to shake out over time. Those that reject out of hand my arguments here are caught in the throes of a left-brain possessed purity spiral based on false assumptions and faulty logic.

I may be wrong about a great number of the ideas I present in talks like these, but the purpose of bringing them up isn’t to assert how right I am about anything, it is to challenge assumptions, check premises and figure out where our previous analyses were both RIGHT and WRONG.

All I can do is assess the information I ingest to the best of my ability and remain as humble as possible in the face of it. It’s all any of us can do. When we lost that humility is when we begin walking down that dangerous path that George Lucas called ‘The Dark Side’ manifesting in self-righteousness bordering on psychopathy.

And that’s what the real danger of the Davos Crowd represents and what we have to resist falling into on any subject as we push through this insane period of history.

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