I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with James Howard Kunstler last week for a one-hour chat. Jim did his level best to keep me on point and I do think I was a bit more manic than I’ve been in other contexts. Probably too much actual caffeine that day.

But what we discuss in this podcast is important and it highlights how all of the motivations of the players are affected by the underlying architecture of global finance. These basic principles of what money is, what its function is, how it circulates, where certain players’ advantages lie, etc. are the key to unlocking why the War for Ukraine is unfolding the way it is.

That ‘Hot Mess’ is what I believe Jim wanted to pull out of me and I think, at times, he succeeded well.

The big issue is that of ‘inside money’ versus ‘outside money’ that I talked about, at length, in the article here a couple of weeks ago.

As I look at the headlines of the past couple of days you can see the underpinnings of that war between the deflation of ‘inside money’ versus the inflation of ‘outside money’ is what is really ‘hotting up’ now.

Listen to the KunstlerCast Episode here.

Yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that all “Unfriendly Countries” will have to pay for Russian exports with Russian rubles. They won’t have the luxury of paying in their local currencies. So, they will have to go find rubles on the open market to pay for gas, oil, wheat etc.

Then there’s this morning’s announcement that tells you Russia is playing for keeps, just like I told you they would right after the war started.

So, without further ado, here’s the podcast with Jim, a real gentleman that I can learn a thing or two about manners and decorum from. I mean seriously, who else can use the phrase Clusterfuck Nation with such aplomb? It’s a gift

Listen to the KunstlerCast Episode here.

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