“Knocked down, it gets to wearin’ thin,
               They just won’t let you be.”
             — Truckin’, The Grateful Dead

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The image of the movie hero outrunning the cops in a frantic chase to freedom is one of the most iconic in U.S. culture.

From Burt Reynolds’ ‘The Bandit’ outwitting Sherrif Buford T. Justice to Han Solo weaving the Millienium Falcon through an asteroid field to escape multiple Star Destroyers their indomitable will made them heroes to multiple generations.

The truckers who laid siege to Ottawa’s Parliament Square are heir real-world examples.

Their protest has drawn out the long knives of Davos and its minions, exposing them for the corrupt Communists they are.

Even though it’s been dispersed, it has inspired the world in a way no violent assault ever could.

And that means we are closer to winning than losing, even though it feels that way.

It’s time to throw off the comfort of the old world.  It’s gone.  A new one is on the horizon and the tools to resist their tyranny are in our hands, just like the steering wheel of The Bandit’s Trans Am and his CB radio.  

So, don’t think America’s car culture and tax revolt genesis are dead.  They are anything but.  

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