To make a call back to the seminal 90’s TV series Babylon 5, which I expect series creator JMS, now a complete shitlib, will destroy with his reboot (Definition: “to make worse and add diversity” — H/T Kevin Smith), the Democrats have a massive hole in their strategy to destroy capital formation in the US for the foreseeable future. 

This week Sen. Joe Manchin (D?-WV) personally blew up no less than five terrible taxes that were signature pieces of the ‘Build Back Better’ bill attached to this year’s budget. It was a masterful performance of standing up, being #ungovernable, and simply saying, “You know what? No.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully expect Manchin to cave at some point, just like Kyrsten Sinema has on a few things. But now that Manchin has forced Democratic “leadership” to strip out everything the Progressives want, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trapped in a hedge maze of her own design.

And it left Biden going empty-handed for COP26 in Glasgow, the Climate Summit where the world’s leaders get to harangue us about our selfishness for not wanting to freeze to death in winter or, you know, eat.

He was supposed to show up with a Davos-approved plan to gut the ability of American companies to create wealth of any significance while ensuring our tax system was as much in alignment with the commies technocrats in Europe as possible.

Pelosi took her big swing yesterday at the Progressives and missed badly, daring them to vote against the bill hours after Biden bumbled his way through trying to explain why $1.75 trillion equals zero.

The vote never happened and now we have a palpable civil war within the Democratic party. And nothing could be better for the future of humanity.

The Democrats, as my partner Dexter White put it recently in our podcast, aren’t a party but rather “a coalition of the aggrieved.” Because of this there is no one policy idea that unites them

Rather they are only animated by the absence of a policy while simply aggregating all those who believe the media that it’s self-righteous to hate Republicans.

In short, the Democrats don’t stand for anything but rather are simply another victims support group.

That’s where the hole in their minds resides, when you then try to stand for something, in this case global communism run by Eurocrats from Brussels, you have no clear messaging as to what you want to achieve, other than, “burn the heretics at the stake!”. And that doesn’t really play well without looking completely insane to everyone who isn’t a “purple-haired cat lady on a cocktail of antidepressants ranting about white supremacy.”

And because of that it creates a hole not only in strategy but in conception.  They have a massive blind spot thinking that the rules they’ve always known are still in place.  

Pelosi only sees this in terms of her own biases — hating Republicans, besting tyrannical men, being top dog, slitting throats, etc.  She’s not seeing nor caring about the bigger picture, this is all about winning the political battle because that’s all she knows.

Schumer has become a laughingstock not only within his own party but in general. He’s been exposed as such a shill for internationalist and intelligence agency forces within our government that he hasn’t sat down on a chair without a hole in it for years, lest he break the hand stuck up his ass making him speak.

Mitch McConnell has outplayed both of them in every conceivable way.  

The Progressives thought they had this locked up because DNC leadership was given their marching orders from Davos which was their agenda all along. All each group had to do was virtue signal to their aggrieved supporters and the two factions would Straussian Two-Step (Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis) their way to victory.

The main problem with this is that the Democrats were arguing against themselves and forgetting about what the rest of the country actually thought about this.

It’s like they are daring us to stop them shooting themselves in the head. And this torture won’t stop until we get to the debt ceiling drop dead date in December.

And that manifested itself as two people, Manchin and Sinema, who stood up and said, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!”  These bills are not only unnecessary but they are designed to ensure 1) no Democrats in swing states/districts gets elected ever again and 2) sells the country out for an agenda that is clearly not in any American’s best interest.

You can’t run a government solely on ideological blindness, bullying and Kompromat. If you do you get what’s going on today on Capitol Hill.

Notice how dysfunctional everyone sounds.

Thursday night, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, wrote a letter to fellow congressional Dems saying, “[Biden] inspired us with his vision and dazzled us with his thorough knowledge of the specifics of the Build Back Better Framework.”

Seriously Nancy? There’s a word to describe Biden today and it most certainly ain’t ‘dazzling.’ Then again, that just may be the booze goggles talking.

Moreover, you can’t stage a successful coup against a people just awake enough to see through the plans no matter how many you silence, lie about, arm-twist or just flat-out kill.

Sinema and Manchin may eventually cave here but the delays they have cost Davos in getting these bills passed, if they ever do, has been nearly as valuable as the things got forced out of them, c.f. Biden going to COP26 with his Depends in his hands.

These bills were supposed to be passed this summer. This was supposed to be over. The Fed’s narrative then was ‘inflation is transitory.’ Now only the one clinging desperately to that old chestnut is ECB President Christine Lagarde, who’s “soul searching” I’m sure has everyone in the Euro-zone comforted while they realize that for the first time in their lives they really do wish Santa would put coal in their stockings this Christmas.

Oh, who am I kidding? He won’t be allowed into Europe without a stupid vax pass.

Everyone who isn’t anyone to the Democrats is now worried about inflation.  White House Press Secretary Psaki, not even smart enough to be considered a midwit, would, like an animal, rather chew her own leg off than admit any policy error, continues to try and take credit for the ‘supply chain’ breakdowns because everyone is spending again….

… well if that’s the case, Jenn, why do we need $4.5 trillion in new spending and taxes?

“Umm… yeah [begins packing up her papers] let me circle back to you on that…” 

Really?  How about you circle back to the hole you crawled out of you condescending twat!

And that’s the absurdity of this entire affair.  These people aren’t just clowns, they are willful clowns.  

Sinema is smart enough to realize this and has played them perfectly now for months.  I don’t think she’ll ever sign off on these bills. Even if she eventually does, she has personally cost Pelosi and Davos months they didn’t have and more than $3 trillion in spending they were planning on using to buy favors, judges, police chiefs, mayors, immigrants and quislings for the next 10 years.

The taxes and ideas that Manchin forced onto the cutting room floor of this really bad movie were literally the end of America as a haven for building wealth. Taxing unrealized capital gains is simply backdoor nationalization of all strategically-important companies and would ensure that any new competition would be undermined before it ever became big enough to challenge the existing ones.

Stop thinking like an unquenchably envious Marxist for just five seconds and you’ll realize that everyone involved in this circus truly does believe you’ll be better off ‘owning nothing’ because ‘you didn’t build that’ anyway.

The hole in their minds is the simplest idea of all … what if someone on Capitol Hill thought for themselves, did some games theory and realized they had more real power than everyone else strutting around like they own the place?

Call me not cynical enough if you want, but with the events of this week, I’m more convinced than ever that these bills never get passed.  Pelosi has no leverage, even on the language, no less the tax rates and the pork.  

If I’m right and Powell is draining Europe dry. He will let rates rise crushing the ECB. Then by the time he steps down, assuming he’s not reappointed, it may not even matter if Obama and Davos get their way and Lael Brainard takes over for him.

The Clown Car may already be on fire and the audience already left the big top.

Don’t think that’s possible?

Lagarde looked like the person out of her depth she actually is answering questions about stagflation in the Euro-zone. All it took was some bad European inflation data to cause the euro to sink into Friday’s close. The European Parliament is now suing the European Commission for not punishing Hungary and Poland for still thinking they’re independent countries. And the eurodollar market is now calling everyone’s bluff forecasting rate hikes in Europe while Lagarde is waffling on ending PEPP (the latest version of QE).

These are the parasites the Democrats are really trying to save while simultaneously try to keep their coalition together long enough to keep us around as the host for them to feed on.

Mind the hole in the floor of the Capitol, Nancy, it wasn’t caused by Trump supporters throwing a tantrum on January 6th. You dug that one all by yourself.

Ack Ack.

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