“We’ve all got it comin’, kid.”
       — William Munny 

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With the US formally pulling out of Afghanistan and in the near future likely Syria and Iraq, something is happening that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

The End of what’s left of the British Empire.

With Biden aligning US policy with that of The Davos Crowd The United Kingdom is being torn apart bit by bit.

… from City of London to the potential Independence of Scotland, the UK as we’ve known it is not long for the world.

Is there anything that can stop this?  Maybe, but not with weak-kneed schoolboy Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Today is Freedom Day for Britons, but, with sincere strings attached. And the reins on the British people will tighten at the first possible excuse.

… just like they will for us here in the US.

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  • How Democrats define reality and why we let them
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