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This one was from 3/11/2021

Brendan O’Neill is spot on here with his take down of the Meghan Markle / Oprah interview.

He rightly points out all the cultural imperatives, the clash between the new aristocracy of victimhood and the old one of sacrifice and societal duty represented by the old one, i.e. the queen.

A conflict between the contemporary cults of victimhood and identity politics, as now keenly represented by Harry and Meghan, and the older ideals of duty, self-sacrifice, stoicism and keeping your shit together, as embodied by the queen, and as aspired to by most Brits in recent decades. This internecine clash between the Sussexes and the Palace is really an unspoken civil war between post-Diana New Britain and Old Britain. Last night’s interview, facilitated by that doyen of the new elites, Oprah, was essentially a power grab by Harry and Meghan – their attempt to seize the throne of the victim industry and consolidate their cultural power in the post-traditional world.

This was a calculated attack on the British Royal Crown for a myriad of reasons. It’s not just a fluffy distraction from the latest round of power grabs by Biden and Brussels.

Remember folks, the crown backed Brexit.  The crown was aligned with Trump to stop the inexorable march across the globe by the EU and the Eurocrats under Herr Schwab’s control. Now the Crown is paying the price. It will not stop here.

Meghan and Harry sitting down with Oprah, the High Priestess of Cultural Victimhood, was no accident.  Oprah’s raison d’etre is selling cultural Marxism to middle-class soccer moms.  She’s built a media empire on this. She’s good at it. And she’s a close ally of Obama’s.

Obama is a true Commie believer and a vandal who hates both America and white people. Look around you today and don’t tell me that the current Democratic party and most of their allies in Hollywood aren’t looking to perform a complete reversal of society from one, in their narrative, ‘run by whites’ to one ‘run by the oppressed, i.e. blacks.’

If you can’t see this at this point I can’t help you.

That said, what’s worst, is there is little to no resistance to this because there are so few people left in positions of any power willing to put themselves on the line, especially in the C-suites of ‘corporate America.’

As I’ve pointed out in other articles concerning the assaults on free speech it is difficult to tell the difference between those actively working to undermine society and those just venal enough to go along hoping to avoid this cultural Marxist and inherently racist Sword of Damocles coming down on their necks.

When viewed through that lens realize the goal isn’t equality at all. It’s subjugation and replacement. And Harry and Meghan’s sit down with Oprah was a very clear message to all the ‘old white dudes’ out there that that is precisely what’s on the table.

The crown is under assault here while Boris Johnson remakes the U.K. civilian government into a police state presaged by Alan Moore in V for Vendetta (comic not movie) four decades ago.  Moore, being an insufferable leftist of the post-WWII variety, i.e. a Boomer, saw Thatcher as he baddie…. not a bunch of oligarchs using Marxism’s unquenchable envy to sell fascism to the political left which is what is currently happening.

And lefties in alternative media scream like the maleducated morons they are that ‘this isn’t the real left!” I hate to break it to you folks, it is.

They allow a Tory to be in charge as a convenient branding exercise and keep you from looking any deeper. This is the true ugly face of left authoritarian thinking which inevitably descends into identitarian madness and ever-escalating purity tests.

The crown is just one of the cultural touchstones under attack. I covered this in my recent podcast with Dave Collum, as we went through all the bullshit narratives of the day.

If the goal is to unmoor a person from his own identity then breaking down every institution he could possibly retreat to for psychological and emotional solace is a necessity. Cultural icons in the West are under assault. All of them.  

Last year it was toppling historical statues and renaming public buildings.

Now, it’s the British crown in Obama’s/Schwab’s crosshairs.

Even, things like Star Wars is being undermined by incels on YouTube who now demand male-only safe spaces while their voice is amplified by Google’s evil algorithms.

For years DC’s pantheon of Ubermensches were undermined by the very people in charge of them at Warner Bros, only now slightly balancing the scales with the release of the proper cut of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Much more importantly, the Catholic Church is run by a commie who last month met with the high priest of Shi’ism in Iraq and was mostly rebuffed (see Pepe Escobar’s piece from that time).  

It was, like this Pope himself, a sideshow, like the Meghan/Oprah love fest, to attack a cultural touchstone by the media in the West. The Pope going to Iraq to meet with the man responsible for the ‘Shi’a militias backed by Iran’ is a narrative that writes itself in the West’s British-tabloid-suffused media.  

This will anger fake Catholics and Christians here in the U.S. who have now been conditioned to Hate All Things Iran.  Just like the left has been conditioned to hate All Things Russian, as they gin up a war between Ukraine and Russia with the excuse to get NATO involved to support Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

The Pope’s visit was chum for the U.S. Right. Just like Meghan’s racist victimization is chum for the U.S. Left.  

The Culture War under Obama/Harris is just hotting up folks.  It’s going to get much worse from here.  By the time they are done they will have marginalized white males to being only fit for janitors and servicemen to the new black overlords.  

Don’t think for a second that isn’t Obama’s ultimate goal here, or Oprah’s.  And it’s clear that the main mechanism to achieve this is to raise victimhood to an ideal no one can apologize for enough.  I can’t wait for the hand-wringing and summer of rioting over the inevitable acquittal of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

That’s why you don’t ever apologize for anything.  Agree and amplify.  Highlight the hypocrisy and refuse to give them an inch on anything, especially if you do so on anti-social media.

Most importantly, jack out of their Matrix for more than a few hours a day, if not for days at a time. You can’t fight this fight on Twitter, you’re outnumbered by bots who will waste your time and sap your spirit. You can’t win a war on ground prepared by your enemy.

The best thing to do is reach across every aisle you can and actively rebuild physical relationships lost during these idiotic lockdowns.

That’s been the plan, and they’ve been wildly successful at it: Divide us politically. Lock us in our homes cut off from all sense of reality. Then redefine reality by the hour on FaceTubes, InstaTwit and the network media to keep us in a hyper-anxious state — fight or flight — all the time, susceptible to the same stupid programming over and over again.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are nobodies with a pulpit only as big as we allow them to have. The same goes for Biden, Obama, Oprah or any other race war pimping autocrat with an unearned superiority complex. The way you beat narcissists like them is to ignore them, deny them their attention cookie and make friends with someone you’re not supposed to.

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