This week I go off the beaten path a little bit to talk with the Project Lead for one of my favorite cryptocurrencies, Decred, Jake Yocom-Piatt. Jake is a very astute critic of not only the monetary system but the cryptocurrency development scene.

Getting his insights into the future of bitcoin and cryptos in general as potential monies in a post-Central Bank dominated world I thought was necessary at this moment in time.

With the latest halving of the Bitcoin reward pool occurring against an unprecedented collapse of the global financial system, there will be a lot more people trying to make sense of why we utilize capital the way we do.

Trustless systems like Bitcoin and Decred are the true harbingers of what comes next for humanity.

Show Notes:

Decred Home Page
The Necessity of Bitcoin as Reserve Asset
The Foundation of the Next Cryptocurrency Bull Market
Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Cross Asset Model
Safidean Ammous: The Bitcoin Standard (Stock to Flow Ratio)

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