The rumors started swirling earlier in the week that Mike “Pass the Potato Salad” Pompeo is looking for ways to get out of the Trump Administration and make his way back into a long-term lucrative political career, the U.S. Senate.

Now we supposedly know why.  A State Dept. release of documents to American Oversight proves a connection between Rudy Guiliani’s investigation into Ukraine, the White House and the State Department.

And this proves that there was an investigation into Ukraine that everyone has admitted to.  But, somehow this makes Mike Pompeo a coward who should resign because he didn’t protect his Ambassador from Ukraine Marie Yavanovitch who was dismissed this past May.

Like everything else a release like this looks like exactly what your confirmation bias thinks it looks like.  To Democrats, desperate to get rid of Trump, this looks like proof he misused his power as President to investigate corruption flowing through the Ukrainian embassy wrongly dismissing a long-serving diplomat, Yavanovitch.

To normal people this looks like Trump doing his job investigating corruption flowing through the Ukrainian embassy and firing a likely very corrupt, obstructionist Yavanovitch protecting entrenched powers in D.C. especially the Clintonistas in the State Dept.

And honestly, this makes me sad that this release isn’t more damaging because I really want more reasons to dislike Mike Pompeo than I already do.  But, I’m just not seeing it here.

That said, this does hurt Pompeo, not in in his current role but rather in his wanted future role, that of a Senator who will gladly gain political credibility with the media by throwing his former boss under the bus.

Because Trump can and will likely fire Pompeo now before Mike can arrange his cozy get-away. He learned his lesson not to repeat his mistake with Nikki Haley, who was absolutely disloyal to him, by letting her go via resignation seemingly on her terms.

She now can still be the darling of the establishment Republican set because Trump didn’t disgrace her, though he should have.

Since then Trump has made it a point of either firing or forcing the resignation in response to popular policy.

These rumors about Pompeo have been around for months he has steadfastly refused to acknowledge them, of course.  But let’s not be naive here, cabinet positions are always short-lived stints as stepping stones to better pastures.

And Mike does like his next meal.

I’m usually really loathe to take Dr. Steve Pieczenik seriously but this short note about Pompeo rings very true to me. It’s good analysis of the man’s history and Pieczenik’s conclusion makes sense given where we are in Pompeo’s life cycle.

I love how Pieczenik ends this video with the quote from Mao Tse-Tung, “The higher the monkey climbs, the further it falls.”

Mike Pompeo is a Flying Monkey.

In our Post-Dorothy Oz, where the witch is dead and the Wizard unmasked, the Flying Monkeys are left leaderless and they’ve been successful in their raiding the countryside for their own benefit that absent the meta-stable leadership of the Tyrant overlord, they believe they can run their own operations.

It’s clear that people like John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Fiona Hill (among many others) are all Flying Monkeys believing they can manipulate a hapless President to achieve their personal political agendas and not have them blow up in their faces.

It seems they didn’t realize that Trump is a more formidable opponent than they thought. Given the structure of D.C. for so long, Presidents, at best have been allowed to lead the squadrons of Flying Monkeys but they don’t actually set policy.

That’s the Witch’s job. But, the problem is that The Witch is Dead and she won’t be resurrected. Because the Witch wasn’t any one person, the Witch was our willingness to accept the lies of our political system as constructive to our future.

That perception is a puddle of goo stinking up the room.

So, no matter how this impeachment farce lays out with Trump’s conviction or not, it will only further alienate a greater swath of the American electorate from its government.

And no one running, not even Tulsi Gabbard seems to understand this dynamic.

Impeaching Trump over this stuff will be a Point of No-Return for the U.S. It will ensure there is no long-term future for the country as a single, functioning political unit because fully 35% of this country (and probably more) will simply not accept it.

Why I think Dr. Pieczenik is right about Trump firing Pompeo before Mike can slink off to feather his nest is because destroying him now makes more tactical and strategic sense.

As Secretary of State Pompeo has been nothing short of a disaster, undermining President Trump’s strong instincts to get the U.S. out of the Middle East and solve the myriad of open geopolitical wounds around the world.

Unlike his former-partner-in-neoconservatism, John Bolton, Pompeo is more adept at playing at being loyal to Trump while always seeming to move U.S. diplomacy in a more belligerent direction in the wake of any of Trump’s ‘impulses’ to act on his conscience and/or instincts.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking Iran (Pompeo’s demands of Iran are off-the-charts insane), Lebanon (outright blackmail of the Lebanese government) or North Korea (making demands in negotiations which overstep Trump’s promises to Kim Jong-un) Pompeo is always there doing his thinly-veiled Israeli loyalty dance with the subtlety of a freight-train but somehow always framing it as making it Trump’s policy.

That game is wearing thin with Trump because he knows now after two years of this that it’s about time for Macaroni Mike to make his way to the feed trough of the Senate or the arms industry.

And notice that Bolton fired for undermining Trump on trying to make peace in the Middle East now has only one possible future career, as Hero of the Resistance. He’s got his book deal advance, his payola for turning on his former boss.

That’s fine with Trump. Bolton can have money. He can’t have credibility however. And that’s the key.

Pompeo is far more dangerous because he wants back into politics directly and that makes him a potential headache if Trump survives impeachment and is re-elected.

So, better to destroy Mike now for being disloyal. Better to allow the Democrats to bray like jackals and undermine his credibility as a candidate for senate in Kansas.

Trump will take that as the Democrats crow that Trump fired him now as retribution for allowing these latest bombshells to come to light. That’s such temporary noise it’s almost uninteresting.

Trump will continue to draw huge crowds and raise millions the Democrats can’t match. Without the endless free media of Schiff’s Kangaroo Court, who is actually engaged with the Democrats’ primary season?

And the game will continue while the Flying Monkeys circle the drain throwing each other in trying to be the last one sucked into the Abyss.

But you won’t be going back to Kansas any time soon, Mike.

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