John Bolton’s part of the story to impeach Trump has reached the end of the first act. The finale will be a doozy… for someone.

A report from the New York Times this morning on Fiona Hill’s testimony before Adam Schiff’s (D – Deep State) kangaroo court casts Bolton as the hero working against Trump’s obvious animus towards his political opponents.

Hill is Trump’s former adviser on Russia, a supremely connected Swamp dweller and Clintonista. Don’t take my word for it. Take Lee Stranahan’s.

The thread traces Hill’s career back to the beginning and who she’s worked with. To call her and John Bolton reliable witnesses without an agenda would be pretty close to fiction.

Like Bolton, Hill is someone that should have never been anywhere near President Trump’s cabinet. They were both inserted to ensure that the flow of information to him was kept devoid of anything that would damage pre-existing policies, like fomenting a coup in Ukraine or atomizing Syria or getting to the bottom of the conspiracy to remove Trump from power.

So, she and Bolton, according to the New York Times, were deeply concerned by Trump empowering Rudy Guiliani and others to conduct an investigation outside of Bolton’s purview.

The testimony revealed in a powerful way just how divisive Mr. Giuliani’s efforts to extract damaging information about Democrats from Ukraine on President Trump’s behalf were within the White House. Ms. Hill, the senior director for European and Russian affairs, testified that Mr. Giuliani and his allies circumvented the usual national security process to run their own foreign policy efforts, leaving the president’s official advisers aware of the rogue operation yet powerless to stop it.

It’s clear Bolton didn’t like being out of the loop. And no matter how the Times spins this their recounting of the story can easily be read as a pair of operatives purposefully kept in the dark about what the President was doing because the President didn’t trust them…

… Not because he was engaged in anything illegal.

Bolton is now looking like the mastermind behind the entire impeachment process.  Marginalized within the Trump administration because Guiliani’s investigation was “a hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up,” Bolton was reduced to running around through allies like Hill to find out how close Trump was to finding out just how dirty our hands are in Ukraine.

And how deep that rabbit hole goes.

Make no mistake, Bolton was placed in the White House to ensure continuity of policy in Ukraine on behalf of his PNAC allies and Israeli handlers on K Street. He clearly lost his mind when he realized Trump would find out the truth.

He also clearly lost his mind when Trump refused to go to war with Iran over a drone. All that work to maneuver Trump into a situation he couldn’t back out of, but then he does.

Nothing is more dangerous than an ideologue spurned.

And John Bolton is definitely an ideologue.

What’s sad about this farrago of futility is that by focusing on whether Trump can or cannot get impeached over this we’re missing the real story.

The president has staff who knowingly fed him bad information and contravened his edicts, clear acts of treason, on such a continual basis that he was forced to go outside the normal bureaucracy to get information leading directly to malfeasance within his government and that of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

By only trying to frame this as going after political opponents they are running the same script they ran on Richard Nixon. And the hypocrisy of it on the part of the Democrats and Neocons spurned by Trump is beyond comical.

The difference is is that, in this case, the corruption is already in plain sight thanks to Robert Mueller and his incompetent band of legal eagles.

The narrative that Trump is a Russian agent has already been destroyed.

Don’t you think a majority of the American electorate are confused as to why the people implicated in RussiaGate as having acted inappropriately haven’t been indicted?

And now those same people are telling us that Trump is the guilty one?

Moreover, the depth of Trump’s opposition is so pervasive that these same people will manipulate the court of public opinion to serve up a political impeachment for something that isn’t even a crime.

The media and the House Judiciary Committee are framing this as Bolton and Fiona Hill acting as patriots trying to stop a vindictive Trump from investigating a political opponent. 

But we know that’s not the real story and no one outside of Gaslightl Gulch will even give a crap. Rachel Maddow can smirk all she wants, Jeff Zucker can continue destroying what’s left of CNN’s ratings but it’s not a credible story no matter how you spin it.

What Bolton was keeping Trump from uncovering were all the connections in Ukraine which shaped not only the crimes regarding RussiaGate but also U.S. policy towards Ukraine going back to the beginning of Obama’s second term. 

That information would “blow up” everything he and his allies had worked so hard to accomplish — the destruction of Ukraine and Syria, tearing up the INF treaty, expanding NATO’s reach to Russia’s western border, the destruction of Iran and the pursuit of the Zionist vision of Greater Israel.

Peak Neocon is here folks, even Pat Buchanan is recognizing it.

All of those things are what Bolton was referring to when he said that. Bolton may be a patriot and willing to compromise with people he hates to attack other people he hates more but this is a step too far. Those that can’t let go of a dream are eventually doomed by it.

This is why he’s been protecting Hillary and her crew in Ukraine.

The ends of putting Russia behind the short-range nuclear eight-ball were worth the means of letting Hillary, Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Browder and the rest get away with true High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Because it’s pretty clear who the traitors are here. And, for all his faults, Trump isn’t one of them.

As I said before, under impeachment proceedings Trump is a guy with nothing left to lose. This is why he’s pulling back on Syria. This is why he’s making deals with Erdogan and Putin while cutting the Saudis mostly loose.

This is why Guiliani, for all of his faults, is going where he’s going. Whether he’s Trump ally for real or just another layer of Deep State cover is anyone’s guess.

But the level of cognitive dissonance to turn John Bolton the Devil into John Bolton Hero of the Resistance is truly a bridge too far.

And to try and do it on hearsay while while covering up the real story of pervasive corruption and collusion with a foreign power all through the DNC will ultimately land Bolton in the same place as Robert Mueller if not worse.

I remind Mr. Bolton of the old adage, when you go to kill the king you better not miss. The Resistance is pot-committed. Trump hasn’t even looked at his hole cards yet.

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