“I mean, how do they expect you to get uncrazy if you’re asleep all the time?”
— “Dog Day Afternoon”

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The 1970’s were a turbulent time.  Movies of the time reflected this.  It was a period of rapidly changing institutions.  End of Bretton Woods, Oil Crises, Stagflation and a President resigning in disgrace.

It was a time where challenges to the status quo were rebuffed and the new era of political reality began.  Today that era is ending. 

And those that have most benefited from it for the past 50 years aren’t leaving the stage with grace.

Their goals are the same even though their power is waning.  The game is changing and they can’t change with it.  And they will do as much damage as possible before cashing out.

It’s a time of false gods and flawed heroes who will have to run a gauntlet of arbitrary and vindictive villains if they are to succeed.

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter focuses on those fading stars and aging do-gooders obsessed with completing their Potemkin Villages before the mob burns it to the ground.

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  • What happens when we hold on to something too long
  • Who Boris Johnson’s real enemies are
  • Will the U.K. survive Brexit?
  • How too of our stocks plan on beating their valuation traps.
  • Where Joker as a movie is leading us.

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