Blackmail, Balderdash and the Brexit that Wasn’t

After a lot of drama, British Prime Minister Theresa May came back from Brussels with a breakthrough on Brexit.

Only it wasn’t.

While the changes to the protocol that governs the implementation of the Irish Backstop are an improvement they are far fro enough to allay the rightful fears of Brexiteers and the Northern Irish.

From the beginning of this process, the EU has been in blackmail mode. They’ve made it clear that they would not negotiate in good faith or even at all. That much has been clear.

The biggest question has been whether May herself was working in the British people’s best interest or was she simply a stalking horse for further EU integration of the entire continent of Europe.

Never forget that the EU has imperial ambitions. Those that have been its architects saw it as regaining the mantle of the center of the world as the U.S. bankrupts itself maintaining an empire around the world, fighting against the rise of Russia and China.

It sits in the weeds, making byzantine bureaucratic law and building both a fiscal and political union through these under-handed back doors.

And the people of Europe have woken up to it. The Brits voted to leave the EU because of this. Euroskeptic parties are rising across Europe. The latest rebuke of the EU came in Austria’s Salzburg, a traditional center-left stronghold just voted for a Lega-style nationalist/populist majority.

Now people like Theresa May, who never supported Brexit, are using this negotiating period to hand to the EU everything it wants in the Withdrawal Agreement to blackmail the British people to accept an even worse arrangement than had they not voted to leave in the first place.

This point cannot be understated.

Because it is the model for how the EU will fight the rising opposition to its rule.

The withdrawal agreement was crafted by Germany and not negotiated by Jean-Claude Juncker and Michael Barnier to punish the U.K. for standing up to the inevitability of the EU.

It is a message and a warning to Italy, Hungary and Poland.

It was designed to cause irreparable damage to the U.K. with the long-term effects of destroying the majority political parties and fanning separatist instincts in Wales and Scotland.

And no one is more to blame for this mess than the members of Parliament who continue to virtue signal about the horrors of a no-deal which the British people have become less and less scared of every day. Poll after poll shows overwhelming rejection of May’s Merkel’s deal as well as growing support for a No-Deal Brexit.

And if the members of parliament who continue to go through the pantomime of an existential crisis would leave it aside and simply say that’s it, no deal it is, that would end the uncertainty and the worry that is now the dominant narrative in the press.

Businesses are relocating, shipments are stopping, etc. All because of Brexit, they argue. No, all because of MP’s who refuse to embrace the situation as it stands and face the reality that sovereignty is more important than a quarter or two of tightened belts and some annoying paperwork.

Moreover, the biggest fear now is the one which is that Britain ends up better off if they not only threw off the shackles of the EU but also its own corrupt and, frankly, traitorous leadership.

Theresa May’s performance in parliament before the latest vote was almost convincing. But, as always, when someone is giving you an ultimatum, my way or the highway, it’s masking an alternative choice.

The Democratic Unionist Party and the European Research Group within the Tories understand this. I suspect in his heart of hearts Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

And the reason for this is May was always on their side. It’s not a negotiation when there’s only one side represented. This is why Juncker refused to negotiate in any meaningful way.

They didn’t have to.

And that is simply blackmail.

What is obvious watching British parliamentarians at this late stage is that a majority of them are unwilling to face reality that the EU is not in their best interest. Because any organization that would blackmail rather than negotiate is not an organization anyone decent person would want to be a member of.

Fears over a No-Deal Brexit are overblown. If these same MP’s that are so worried about the uncertainty created by the Brexit process would simply end that uncertainty by backing No-Deal then certainty would return.

It might not be the certainty that is the easiest to swallow for both sides but it will be certainty.

Mr. Juncker made it clear there is nothing better forthcoming. That’s an insult and it should be treated as such by Parliament.

But it won’t be as MP’s roll over, show Juncker their bellies and hand-wring about how unfair it all is again later this week.

They cannot see the bigger picture that it is the EU that has the weak hand, not them. They are too blinded by ideology and fear to see that.

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16 thoughts on “Blackmail, Balderdash and the Brexit that Wasn’t

  1. “The Dublin Unionist Party” Really? You write this article and put such a gross error in and STILL want to be taken as a serious commentator?

    Good Grief!


      • You need to inform Zero Hedge, because they have reposted your article, and the “Dublin Unionist Party” error is still up in all its glory there.

      • I have no contact with ZH, and they have always just reprinted the articles, mistakes and all. It’s my cross to bear, unfortunately.

        That’ll teach me for writing an article while listening to MP’s wail and moan all day.

  2. What would the EU get out of a hard Brexit in time? IS EURASIA likely or not?Try to answer those 2 questions. Will the EU extend or not?

  3. It is time to understand the whole situation.

    We have to prevent politicians from going on playing the same criminal games.

    Because behind the masks of democracy is a cunning, criminal political system.

    These people who call themselves democratic and think that they are protectors of democracy in the world are really imperialistic.

    These governments pretend to be democratic, but are not.

    We can all now see that this so called democracy is only a mask, and behind it are psychotic politicians controlling fascist governments.

    These governments should be exposed to the whole world, because the whole world has been believing that they are in a democracy.

    Why should there be a political party?

    There is no reason for political parties to exist!

    No deal Brexit is the only honest vote today…

  4. Sorry to say that you have a major typo error in this sentence:
    The withdrawal agreement was crafted by Germany and not negotiated by Jean-Claude Juncker and Michael Barnier to punish the U.K. for standing up to the inevitability of the EU.
    Surely should read as:
    The withdrawal agreement was crafted by Germany and negotiated by Jean-Claude Juncker and Michael Barnier to punish the U.K. for standing up to the inevitability of the EU.
    No “not” needed!!!!

  5. Theresa May has been tasked to extend and delay Brexit until such time that another referendum is rigged so that goes in their favour. People will be so thoroughly sick of the whole charade they wil vote to stay just to end it all. That’s what they are banking on since the Establishment made a faux pas with their initial assumption that the public would vote to stay. This was a product of complex internal political power plays desperate to carve up more of European order. We will never leave the economic EU. Since MPs are generally utterly clueless about reality and are there to feather their own nests then they naturally trigger their own brainwshing reagrding the sanctity of the EU project and the pot of gold it represents for them. The UK Establishment/deep state will leverage this toward consigning Brexit to oblivion. I suspect however, that the UK Establishment will have some serious chaos on their hands when people realise that Brexit was never meant to be on the table and was merely a momentary detour. All of it is largely theatre and ultimately, this is just an unfortunate (for them) roadblock on further consolidation of power. So, I think it’s more useful to see this debacle as a symptom of the push toward governmental, banking and corporate globalism opposed to healthy, truly independent nations. We need to dig much deeper into the roots of Brexit and why it is that the British deep state is desperate to avoid it.

    • That has been my default position from the beginning. But I also want to see Brexit succeed because it is the right thing to happen. The EU is doomed to fail. Brexit is a symptom of a disease that these people cannot manage

  6. Yes, indeed. I’d like to see it succeed too, but there are so many conflicting reasons why people voted to leave the EU (not all to do with immigration) that I think people’s confusion and largely poor understanding of the depth of contempt that deep state insiders have of ordinary people will lead to chaos from all sides and the DS is going to take full of advantage of that.

    Nonetheless, there are cetainly increasing signs that Establishment minions and their overseers are losing control of what they started.

    I hope you’re right and the EU in its current form does fail spectacularly. Yet, that probably means more catastrophes like Greece which only hit the common man. On the flipside, perhaps this is what’s needed to wake people up toward the formation of financial and social communities which are eventually networked and defined by autonomy, self-sufficiency and self-organisation? At some point that might actually be reflected in the regional and national electoral system.

    I wonder how the gold market will be effected by this nonsense?

    Look forward to more articles.

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