The whole messianic idea of the mysterious 4chan poster Qanon is not only daft it’s counter-productive.  Anyone can write cryptic messages to point you to future events if they spend enough time in their own ‘writer’s room.’

It’s not tough.  What’s distressing is how this mass psy-op has become a tool to set people who should be united against each other by dividing the skeptics from the true believers.

Qanon is now a religion among the MAGApedes in service of a cult of personality built around Donald Trump as Orange Jesus come to save us from the heathen liberals.

And the very people who Q’s army thinks it’s fighting are laughing at how easily led they are and how gullible.  Thousands of hours spent trying to decipher Q’s ‘tick-tocks’ versus real action to advance political and social change.

If I were one of the bad guys, I couldn’t come up with a better mechanism of control than Qanon.  The whole thing robs you not only of your reason but your responsibility to action because all you have to do to stay in a state of grace is “Trust the plan, man.”

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