May Issue of Gold Goats ‘n Guns Released

“War! Good God Y’all! What is it Good For?”

— Edwin Starr

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The world is changing rapidly.  Kim Jong-un took a ride on the Peace Train across the DMZ that all the War Pigs in the world silently fumed over.  For a moment things looked like they were headed in the right direction.

Then Kanye West fought the Battle of the Bulge in the Culture War, blowing open the narrative that political teams are picked for you by the color of your skin.  Cultural Marxism and the Democratic Party will likely never recover.

But War is Still With Us and Nothing Has Been Settled

President Trump is still mired in scandal and his blind spot concerning Iran has the Neoconservatives braying at him to not accept peace.  But the forces of history are against them.  China, Russia and the Koreas will take the longer view knowing that a drawdown of U.S. forces on the Pacific Rim is inevitable.

They will outlast the U.S. in a financial war of attrition that will eventually that will have us Burning Down the House to save it. 

Meanwhile, Facebook is outed as the most virulent social control system ever imagined, stifling debate while enabling tyrants like Angela Merkel.

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter focuses on how Kim won the Korean Peace and how Russia, China and our portfolio benefit.

Available now to download through Patreon, this issue of Gold Goats ‘n Guns …


  • The Kim and Kanye Reality Show
  • Who Wins in Korean Peace
  • Gazprom’s Annual Earnings
  • Why Ethereum Better Figure out is Scaling Problems
  • Why My Goats Understand Economics better than Marxists

All in 11 pages.

One thought on “May Issue of Gold Goats ‘n Guns Released

  1. You said the EM’s are going to start panicking about paying off a debt in rising dollars, I agree. BUT WHAT IF CHINA has a plan for this? When the EM crisis gets to a breaking point China could offer to pay off all the dollar loans for them and turning them into Yuan Denominated 100yr bonds. This would instantly nullify the need for dollars which would crash the dollar and bring Huge inflation to the USA. Also China would get rid of their dollars this way so they wouldn’t take a big loss. Then China ties the Yuan to Gold so that the EM’s wouldn’t have to worry about this scenario happening again. As a condition the EM’s would have to join the China sphere and take measures to not get back into debt trouble which shouldn’t be a problem since they will be joining the OBOR group and trade will grow between them all. China could have half the world on their side in one fell swoop.

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