The short answer for me about the Iran Nuclear Deal is that I don’t have an opinion on it as being either good or bad.  It’s why I spoke so little about it.  To me the whole thing seemed like a big show between two sides not willing to give up anything of value to the other.

Yesterday I traced a version of history that fits the facts and the motivations of the Obama adminstration and Iran.  It helped crystallize for me just what is going on.

What has me worried is the aftermath of this deal and who wanted it gone.  All the worst people want it gone now while all the worst people wanted it put in place then.

The question now is what price is Trump willing to pay for peace, if that’s his goal?  Those around him don’t want peace, they want subjugation.  That’s a non-starter for Iran and Russia.  Moreover, these same people have been wrong about literally everything else, why would they be right now?

Will Trump Pay the Price Needed to Get What He Wants from Iran?

Will Trump Pay the Price for What He Wants from Iran?

This is the Real Cost of Sanctions, But Trump Wants the Iranian People to Love Him?

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