These are the questions I put to my good friend and journalist Halsey English who spent 10 years in Israel covering events there.  I felt it important to error check myself and my analysis with him as I’ve been getting pushback on my criticism of Israel’s actions to extend the war in Syria and gin up a regime change operation in Iran.

I think we do a good job here of clarifying things and clearing the air on our positions vis a vis Israel for newcomers.  There’s also some discussion of the complete failure and dissolution of the Democratic Party which we both see coming over the next couple of years.

So, regardless of President Trump’s mis-steps in foreign policy, he can be lauded for being the catalyst for real political change here at home.  A true Loki figure in U.S. political history.

Show Notes:

Democrat-aclypse Now! – Millennials are Leaving

Democrat-aclypse Now: Millennials are Leaving