Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Crypto Bull Returns? Why Tesla’s Elon Musk is not Apple’s Tim Cook

With Bitcoin back over resistance at $9200 the question is whether or not it has re-entered a bull market or not.  I discuss that and what cryptocurrencies are under and over-performing right now as the market recovers its footing after Q1’s devastating bear market.

Tesla’s latest earnings call will likely go down in history as the beginning of the end of the company.  And good riddance.  While I want to see progress in alternative energy and new solutions to transportation etc. I don’t want it if it’s going to destroy tens of billions of dollars in capital that could have been put to so much better use.

Tesla is a classic example of a company that could only come about through government subsidy and the ideological fervor of cultural Marxism as government policy.  Elon Musk is not humanity’s savior from the ravages of global warming.

That’s simple nonsense.

What he is is a huckster and a fraud.  And the most likely outcome for Tesla now, as I’ve been saying for nearly two years, is bankruptcy and jail time for Musk for multiple SEC violations of investor rules.

Compare his earnings call to that of Apple’s where the industry was actively rooting for Apple to fail and Tim Cook simply schooled them again as to why they are terrible at their jobs.

His unwillingness to embrace the operational excellence of his competition and learn from them is his downfall.  Pride and hubris, folks.  It’s an old, old story.

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One thought on “Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Crypto Bull Returns? Why Tesla’s Elon Musk is not Apple’s Tim Cook

  1. looks like the s&p500 will see 3600 over the coming 2 years. (better prepare oneself psychologically for a strong bull market)
    though the 10-year note yield has some room for the upside, it shall latter go into correction for the coming 2 years.
    the dollar has still some room to the downside, well below 88.52
    those were my “technical feelings”, though still not very mature.
    based on that, we are expecting a happy ending for the US-China trade raw.
    i feel Trump and Netanyahu will leave office before the end of this year.
    the US will not withdraw from JCPOA.
    why the US foreign policy is confused..?!
    they don’t need these wars adventures in the middle east. The wars are actually distracting the US from competing with China economically and with Russia militarily and fixing their own home.
    i think the fact that a new “multi-polar” world is emerging was difficult for the US to swallow.
    the US was thinking she will be the “Super Power” for a long time to come. it has been difficult for the US to see other countries (china, Russia..) taking its position, and she (US) is negotiating and not able to enforce its will on small countries like Iran or North Korea. the US has never been prepared to sit on equal footing with other countries. its difficult ..i know ..! so just give them (US) sometime till the hard feelings cool down. the US suddenly found itself in an uncharted territory.
    based on new (unexpected) realities the US needs to rewrite its Foreign Doctrine from scratch, which is not an easy task. however, the sooner the US get acquainted with and adjust itself with the new realities , the better off she will be.
    the more the US refuse to accept the new reality (multi-polar world) , the more she will make it difficult on herself.
    example on why the US feels very bad: the US spent a fortune on this global missile-shield, and now Putin turned it into junk hardware.
    the US helped China join the WTO, and now the Chinese economy is bigger than the US.
    the US spent trillions of dollars on the middle-east, and now if you sell all the middle-east oil, you will not compensate for that lost money.
    also,(financially) the US has to deal with problems left (unfixed) from decades ago. It is a very BIG Tornado the US is experiencing. It is a miracle if the US can survive it..!!
    the best the US can do now is to minimize the aftermath and damage of this Tornado.
    Love, Friendship and respect are virtues that can help the US attain that goal; unfortunately such virtues seems to be very difficult for the US to acquire.

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