Gun confiscation comes to the U.S.,  but it’s not about the 2nd Amendment, it’s about sensible gun laws, right?


Deerfield Illinois just passed a partial gun confiscation ordinance that goes into effect just in time for the primaries which subjects citizens to up to $1000 per gun per day in fines for not turning them in.

This is what government does every day.  It turns perfectly law-abiding productive members of the community into criminals.  It creates chaos and dissent.  Destroys families and communities.

I talk about this, and why Facebook’s invasion of our privacy is not only indecent but terminal for its business and why the villains who are in control of the United Kingdom are ensuring its days are numbered.

LIBOR Continues to blow out 2.34% and climbing

Sinclair local television robo-messaging

Facebook Also Reads and Saves your Messenger posts:

Deerfield Illinois Assault Weapons and Semi-auto pistol ban

As Skripal-Gate Collapses so will the May Government

As Skripal-Gate Collapses so Will the May Government

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