NEC Chair Gary Cohn is supposedly angry with President Trump over his remarks about the violence at Charlottesville.  He either has to deny the story or resign.  Either way, that’s a win for the U.S.

Gary Cohn is the very definition of what’s wrong with the financial system in this country.  Goldman-Sachs is truly one of the biggest parts of the Swamp that needs to be drained.

If reports this morning are true that he’s ‘deeply upset’ because Trump raised Antifa to the same level as neo-Nazis in his presser yesterday, then Cohn can virtue signal his crony pate back to Wall St.

He also has the opportunity to show some backbone and stand next to Trump and say what needs to be said, “Calling out Antifa for its violence is not supporting neo-Nazis.”

I’m not holding my breath in anticipation.

Laura Ingraham made this point to a similarly-condescending Charles Krauthammer yesterday in a brilliant take-down of ‘His Pomposity.’

The longer this goes on the more this feels like a Deep State setup at Trump designed by the Clinton’s behind the scenes.  See my blog about Pax Dickinson’s account of what happened at Charlottesville for my thoughts there.

Understand that the Clintons are playing for their lives here.  The people who think they run this country will stop at nothing to retain their power.  Hillary and Obama behind the scenes are allowing their temper tantrum to tear this country apart.

Now I’m no rah-rah U.S. patriot and firmly believe this country is too big to govern under one organization, especially an organization as big, bloated and evil as the Federal Government Trump is (nominally) the head off, but I’m also not advocating violent overthrow of it either.

There are plenty of peaceful ways to settle the cultural and ideological differences between the Antifa Left and the Trumpian Right.  But, the problem is that Progressive Marxism is a fundamentally violent and hateful ideology.

It breeds the kind of infantile emotional outbursts we’re seeing around the country today. And spineless ‘leaders’ like Cohn, Krauthammer and the CEO’s who walked off of Trump’s advisory councils only add fuel to the fire.

We’re headed for a very dark time in America.  This will end in Civil War and oligarchs like Gary Cohn and George Soros who are the architects of it through their manipulation of the government to enrich themselves at everyone else’s expense will see their new Brownshirts turn on them in the end for not being pure enough.