This is a map of the oil pipelines that cross Asia.  I found this through the NoAgendaPodcast run by Adam Curry and John Dvorak.  Looking at this might begin to give you a real idea of just what and why U.S. Foreign Policy is doing in the region.


The conflict in Syria and the sanctions against iran have everything to do with who gets to transport the Natural Gas and Oil coming out of this region.


My question is the following.  With the reports of sectarian violence in Myanmar beginning to reach Western ears (I’ve been seeing a slew of articles daily on this in my news crawls) is this yet another moment where the U.S. is trying to stoke the fires of internal strife in order to block China from gaining a much-needed oil and gas port in the Bay of Bengal?


The Kyaukpyu to Kunming pipeline is due to be completed late next year.  This is why the U.S. lifted sanctions against Myanmar and immediately began pouring money and resources into a country that we couldn’t care less about for 60 years.  Our sanctions against them have had the effect of keeping Myanmar in the dark ages of a drug-running military junta.



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