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Tom Luongo here.

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19 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. What happened? No podcast for two weeks! Now you are gone from resolute wealth? How do we have access to your financial and securities advice? Don Ellis – A follower from when you replaced the Gold Stock Adviser dude.

    1. Don,

      Thanks so much for being a subscriber to both GSA and Resolute Wealth. I truly appreciate you staying with me during those changes. I can’t comment on why Newsmax made the changes they did because I was given no more warning than you were.

      As I said on the landing page, I am working on a new monthly newsletter called Gold, Goats & Guns, which will be much like RWL but better and more. Right now, I am working on launching my service through Seeking Alpha called Stocks, Shocks and Rocks… it will be a higher price point than RWL but it will also be well worth your money and time. There I will be able to give you personalized support as well as up to the day insights in geopolitics, the portfolio and everything else.

      One of the things I regretted about my time at Newsmax was not getting much direct contact with the people I was serving. So, what I’m building now is designed to rectify that and bring us closer together and build a proper community.

      I hope you decide to continue the journey with me. If so, for now please throw a small pledge to my patreon page ( where I can keep you abreast of everything I’m working on. Also, follow my work at Seeking Alpha as well.

    1. Shawn,

      Thank you for subscribing and supporting that work. Keep in touch here and on Seeking Alpha. I will have definitive news on both services in the next few days.

    2. Tom. I will be pledging support soon and am interested in the newsletter also. I am also interested in the in depth investment service you hint at (stocks, shocks & rocks). I hope to see details on how to join/subscribe shortly. For now, how do we get advise on your old portfolio since Resolute Wealth isn’t covering it anymore. Specifically now, what is happening with Select Sands? Deeper correction than expected or trouble?

      1. @Don First off, good news. Stocks, Shocks & Rocks is due to launch on Monday. i have a few things to write up to get the service ready. I’m running a promotion for May as well, $299 per year vs. $349.

        I plan on keeping up with many of the stocks in the RWL portfolio in both SS&R and the GG&G Newsletter and will be more responsive to take profit and create trades with them. I, honestly, felt I couldn’t do that in RWL and not go against the plan there.

        A subscription to SS&R will come with a subscription to GG&G when it’s ready. There will be overlap so, I won’t charge you extra for it.

        I have an e-mail request into Rasool Mohammed at Select Sands to get an update from them directly and was looking at that for the first issue of GG&G.

        Companies like this will go through huge pullbacks, as they go through their growth stages. They are tied to the news cycle. If there is no news the price tends to drift down. I don’t like the movement of the past two weeks down to CAD1.21 in SNS. Let’s see if this holds here and there’s a bounce on the weekly chart back towards CAD1.50. If so then the price will likely stabilize and build a new base here. And, hence, no trade. It needs to close May above CAD1.35 to not throw a bearish signal.

        Regular updates, more than 2-3 times a year, and technical analysis of the stocks in the portfolio is what I can do more of in these services.

    1. Ginny,

      Thank you so much for your support. I greatly appreciate it. I hope that we can continue this in the future and will keep you apprised of what I’m doing next. My goal is to have my service through Seeking Alpha launching early next week. It will be much more hands on while hitting the same themes as in Resolute Wealth. The new newsletter and blog will take a longer to get finished, but my goal is by the end of May with an inaugural issue for early June.

  2. One door closes, another etc… Newsmax was decidedly dismissive of my derisive email regarding their acts. Except for Spetrino I’m done there, (they don’t care). Support for TFL1728 then,in an anonymous way. Thoughts? Going through Sandtown again in a month or so, if that is of interest.

    1. Thanks. I appreciate your going to bat for me, but, they’ve moved on and so will we.

      Bill Spetrino is a good guy. I’m going to reach out to him and see if there’s a cross-promotion we can do with his website. He respects the hell out of me and was very helpful right after I got the notice from Newsmax. See my reply to Don Ellis about the situation currently. I also found out that while I wrote the June issue they decided at the last possible moment to not use it. My poor ex-editor, Fiona (also an absolute queen).
      So, I will use it as the basis for the first issue of GG&G. I worked on the publisher layout a bit today. But there’s still a lot of work to do, since I’m just doing a mock layout for a real designer to finish. Porting of this blog will start this weekend, including private server, new theme and better back-end SEO handling, etc.

      It’s all good and there are other things happening that I can’t talk about yet. If anyone has any questions or want to chat personally, email me and we can set something up.

      1. Tom. I have subscribed to GG&G and SS&R and look forward to a fun and profitable association. Followup concern. SLSDF has semi-tanked and wiped out 4-5 months of trading. Only one week left to avoid a substantial one bar (I hope) reversal. Any reply from your inquiry? News say they have a favorable delivery agreement that should generate some profits. But, time to dump and wait for future consideration?

  3. @Don I have been in contact with Select Sands and will speak with the new CEO for the first time soon. Rasool is the COO and can’t speak for the company anymore but the market for their product is strong, especially relative to the total demand for it.. I wouldn’t worry here but would look to be adding to your position if there is further weakness.

    Stocks like this are still tied to their news cycle so a slow news cycle means the price drifts lower. I’m not selling looking for lower prices personally because I’m not interested in paying taxes and book profit because I feel the stock still has plenty of upside (3-5X) left in it over the next two years.

    I’d say if you have profits taking your initial stake off the table here is never a bad move. We are looking at some more weakness until they start reporting quarterly numbers. The next meeting is June 6th where they will present financials to shareholders. At that point it should become clear to the market what the situation with this company is.

  4. Your recent podcast suggested capital rotation coming into US bonds. A prior suggestion was a 2X bond short investment . Conflict? Bail on the 2X for now and reconsider later? Seems like a shift in ideas.

  5. I think bond strength here is temporary, so in the short run (1-2 months) we may see a little weakness but the chart is very clear that rates are going higher. Also, Don, if you would, put comments like these on the Youtube channel or directly to me at Seeking Alpha so it can be seen in the appropriate venue by everyone. Thanks.

    I will address the legacy U.S. Treasury Short position from RWL this week at Seeking Alpha.

  6. Tom, I delivered a goat at the age of 12 at my aunt’s place, where, as I now understand it, I was sent for various forms of non-conformance. That’s may not be all we have in common, Anyway, I can say that once you took over RWL, you got my attention and quickly earned my respect. You introduced me to a number of interesting investment ideas, most not well known and some contrarian. It was the diversity and insight that grabbed me, and I see this in some of the comments left by other supporters. Respect is now accompanied by gratitude. I still have CPLP – down but still a believer, but the best is GMLP, which I bought at its low point, well after your rec, and my yield on cost is above 17%. It’s a keeper. I will be buying rocks or goats very soon.

    1. Jon,

      Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m glad I could help you. As for both CPLP and GMLP, they are in really good shape. Have you seen my recent work on them at Seeking Alpha?
      Goats are definitely not for the faint-of-heart (especially fainters, which are hilarious) but raised right, are a great source of base income and karma.

      Go ahead and sign up for the mailing list so I can keep you in the loop for future offerings, etc.

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