“No one is so brave that he is not disturbed
by something unexpected.”
— Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was warned about the Ides of March

I’m telling you to Beware the Kalends of October

The first trading day of October, Q4, has all the earmarks of a disaster for Europe.

Right now everything looks calm, the tides are flowing out. 

But just below the surface something is boiling ready to explode.

That explosion is coming in the sovereign bond markets.

There is no avoiding this, only postponing it.  Today the ECB is holding on for deal life.

It is the vanguard of a system on the edge of collapse…

And with it the fate of multiple centuries-spanning empires.  

The Knives have come out for those trying to destroy humanity… the opportunity for us is immense.

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter makes the call that October is the start of something no tyrant can stop and no freedom-minded person can ignore.

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  • Why the Europe should fear the Kalends of October
  • How the Bond Vigilantes will finally make their mark
  • Why we have to reject false societal frameworks which enslave us
  • What portfolio adjustments you should make
  • Why predicting the future is just another illusions of Empires

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