“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”
— Alfred Pennyworth, The Dark Knight.”

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Lies are expensive, the truth sells itself.

The EU is built on a foundational lie.

And that lie tries desperately to prop up a house built with spit and bailing wire.
This is a lie so brittle it was undone by the simple act of the Fed raising interest rates.

The Lie was that we’re a global community that can run on social credit.

Shame is a powerful emotion, but it’s not capable of running a global financial system.

The BRICS nations understand this. The Fed understands this.  
Only physical collateral — energy, metals, etc. — can serve as the pool to draw on to reward human endeavor. 

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter how exposing lies exposes the need for collateral and those that have it will outcompete those that pretend we don’t need it

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  • How lies build a house that can’t stand
  • Why bargaining with crazy people is futile
  • How the Bank of Japan just blew up decades of financial lies
  • Where commodity markets are headed
  • Why the war on cars is the fulcrum on which society stands or falls

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