“My complication had a little complication.”
             — Mrs. Terrain, Brazil

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Bureaucracy is almost always the source of institutional insanity.

It is the perfect combination of two things humans will avoid if given the choice:
Taking responsibility and risking their future.

This is captured perfectly in Terry Gilliam’s classic film, Brazil

That film’s lessons told us why the NATO Summit this month ended with bickering and a whimper. 

And the world is thankful for it.

The Neocons and Globalists who brought us this insanity, aren’t done trying to meme us into War with Russia and China.

But they have been put on their back foot for the time being, as their bureaucracies try to push on the accelerator and brake at the same time. 

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter how complex system begin to collapse as bureaucratic inertia overwhelms common sense.

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  • How bureaucracies are the death of action.
  • Why NATO is incapable of facing a capable enemy
  • How Complex Systems fail when cheaters are incentivized
  • Why Janet Yellen’s trip to China wasn’t about mushrooms.
  • Why Lucasfilm’s heroic legacy is being destroyed by vandals

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