“We danced in graveyards with vampires till dawn,
We laughed in the faces of kings, never afraid to
— Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos

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For months I’ve been looking forward to September as a pivotal month in the history of humanity.

The events of the past 10 days have my head spinning.  I can’t write fast enough to keep up with the changes. 

Today, the FOMC will announce another rate hike which too many will try to spin as dovish

Russia just upgraded Ukraine to a war… not just with Ukraine but with all of NATO

President Biden will go to the UN and likely throw our last gallon of gasoline on this fire!

And no one in the West seems to care one whit about who gets burned!

In fact, Biden issued a speech to start the month that can only be compared to Hitler after the Reichstag Fire of 1933.

Whether planned or just rank opportunism this push for domestic and international war is beyond irresponsible.  It’s reprehensible.

We are sliding towards World War and there seems to be no one capable of humility.

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter focuses on this shift towards war, both internationally, but more importantly within ourselves.  Available now to download through Patreon, this issue of Gold Goats ‘n Guns … 


  • Why the Kharkov Offensive changed the board
  • What the death of Queen Elizabeth portends for the UK
  • How Biden desecrated the Presidency and the Republic itself
  • What asset will most benefit from this insanity
  • How a 30 year old song, can still surprise you in its wisdom.

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