As we aren’t allowed to watch the Dutch farmers revolt against the seizure of their land it condenses so many ideas into one stark non-image. The powers that be, The Davos Crowd, are losing but they will never admit it, nor will they stop trying to win… until they are either dead or run out of money.

2022 was supposed to be the year they sealed the deal, the year where they had everything in place to ‘run the table’ on us. They got Fungal Joe installed in the US, Mario Draghi in place to liquidate Italy, Jens Weidmann out as head of the Bundesbank in Germany with the Greens wielding all of the real political power and they’d maneuvered everyone into a War over Ukraine to bankrupt Russia and by extension isolate China.

This was the plan. It would be supported by supply chain disruptions that would cause inflation uncurable by Central Bank policy while simultaneously driving the world off the energy cliff making basic first-world amenities unaffordable to the lower and middle classes.

This is The World Davos Built. The only problem was that too many people simply said, “You know what? No.” Now it wouldn’t matter to Davos if you and I said this. We’re just ants to be stepped on. They have multiple layers of psy-ops and distractions ready to pit us against each other and marginalize dissent to the point of irrelevance.

Whether we like it or not we will be tracked by multiple databases through our online activity, pressured at our crappy jobs to conform or face financial and reputational ruin and told the most egregious lies about why it’s all necessary.

But when Davos’ plans threatened some of the most powerful people in the world, including those who they’ve previously allied themselves with, that’s when the wheels began coming off this train. It’s created an opportunity for one set of globalists to take out another set of globalists and basically make a mess of everything. True power that had been suppressed through excess credit creation (i.e. eurodollars) was now facing the moment where it could reverse the flow of capital.

First it was Russia in 2014 declaring independence by first opposing the Ukrainian Junta and taking Crimea then moving in to stop the looting of Syria in 2015.

Then it was the US Commercial Banks’ turn led by the Federal Reserve, beginning with the introduction of SOFR — Secured Overnight Funding Rate — in 2017 and the appointment of Jerome Powell as FOMC Chair by populist president Donald Trump.

Today we are watching the Fed run the global economy into an iceberg long thought that we could avoid. We can’t. We have to hit it and take our lumps. This is what will set the stage for a reversal of The World Davos Built, which is the legacy this generation must leave the next or humanity enters a multi-century dark age of technocratic control or worse, complete societal collapse.

So, look around you. Russia is winning in Ukraine. The Global South refused to be intimidated and stood by Putin. Sanctions are destroying the EU. The US dollar is still king (for now) and gutting Davos’ power base, the European Union and the European banking system.

The Fed is gleefully raising rates to destroy the Biden Administration and set the US on a more sustainable and humbler fiscal path, the one thing the world desperately wants to see. Draghi is out in Italy, Eastern Europe is falling while Viktor Orban rises in Hungary. The BRICS are expanding and NATO is fracturing.

Let’s make 2022 a year that Davos Lost.

Here’s my latest talk with the Around the Empire podcast where we take a step back from the specifics and lay things out a little more broadly.

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