“It’s not me you gotta worry about.”
— RIchard B.Riddick, Pitch Black

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If we’re going to have a global war then first there needs to be a final separation between West and East.

The EU’s oil embargo and subsequent hostile actions against the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad tell you there is no going back to the old world order.

In St. Petersburg recently Vladimir Putin said exactly that.  Globalization as the West has defined it is dead.

The old world order is dead.  The West’s oligarchs will not survive what’s coming.

Putin may be LARPing as Peter the Great, but he’s not pretending any longer about what he’s prepared to do to his enemies.

After years of cajoling Europe to declare independence from Washington, Putin has finally realized the real order makers reside in Brussels and in Davos.

He handed them the divorce papers back in December, began proceedings in February and will likely finish the job in the coming weeks.

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