If you thought the worst screenplay you’d have to endure this winter was anything written by a Wachowski sister, boy howdy are you wrong.

A couple of weeks ago I told you that Davos’ Last Stand bombed at the box office. Well, now I’m here to tell you that as bad as that movie’s opening weekend was, just wait for the resurrection of it later this year because they filmed the sequel, Omicron 2: COVID Boogaflu, at the same time.

And it’s coming this spring.

The problem for Bidenwood is Omicron spreads quickly but doesn’t hit nearly as hard as the original virus, or even the recent Delta variant.

After the early data came in, they realized this will be the last film in the series. So, they have one last chance to concoct a story they can use for the midterms.

Can’t let the opportunity of one last COVID wave go to waste can we?

Because these are people too incompetent at dealing with the actual problem and have pivoted completely to pure politics.

So, over the past few days we’ve seen a spate of about faces by the Biden administration and the Davos quislings with regards to COVID-19 and its offspring.

To which I’ll add the CDC just sunsetted the use of the PCR test as valid means for detecting Omicron because it can’t select between it and the flu. So it would seem all of this is finally over and that by the summer we can expect these terrible writers to move onto their next straight-to-streaming monstrosity.

The initial reaction to these announcements has been a little too much high-fiving and victory-lap dancing from the ‘right.’

Because here’s the thing. Do you think they don’t know all of this about Omicron’s transmissibility and severity?

Let’s run a few numbers for the sake of argument. Let’s assume Omicron is 20 times more transmissible but just one-tenth as severe. And severity is defined as requiring hospitalization.

With the speed at which this thing is ripping through the population, even millions of mild cases will still result in hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations over a short period of time. Because the rate of transmissibility will create a swell in hospitalizations that is just a function of math.

I’m not saying the numbers I have here are right. That’s not the point of the exercise. The point is that even if you crush the severity down by a factor of twenty over Delta, it’s still a lot of strain on any state’s medical system.

So spare me the idea that President Depends and Peppermint Psaki woke up yesterday and had a flirtation with being compassionate humans. No, these people are full-blown political animals who turned on a dime for a reason.

My numbers are likely wrong but you know who has the real numbers? Yup. The Bidenwood screenwriters.

So, the CDC lowers the quarantine period for health care workers down to five days so asymptomatic health care workers can go back to work as the new wave of hospitalizations happens and Biden throws it back to the states to deal with.

Then we find out from the Florida Surgeon General that the Biden administration is “actively preventing” distribution of Regeneron monoclonal antibodies, holding up shipments to Florida.

This is the end of Act I.

In Acts II and III we will be treated to some of the laziest writing in the history of American political cinema.

Act II will start silently, no more daily case counts because of the CDC invalidating the PCR test and everything seemingly returns to normal. During that time you can expect guys like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to gloat publicly over beating COVID by supporting freedom.

Then at the mid-point turn, hospitalizations run wild as the law of large numbers takes over and the same cohorts of people vulnerable to the flu are found quickly by Omicron. It spreads throughout the U.S. quickly possibly overwhelming some hospitals, especially in the places where there aren’t health care workers because they were all fired for not getting the clot-shot.

And guess who will get the blame for all of it? Their Public Enemy #1, the man who at this point is the biggest threat to the Biden administration as well as what’s left of the COVID phase to bankrupt the world known as the Great Reset….

Yup. Governor Ron DeSantis.

The messaging will all be for weeks to come, “We would have licked this thing if it wasn’t for DeSantis allowing it to incubate in Florida. The States did a terrible job containing this thing and now we’re all suffering for it.”

After that comes the worst Act III in history as Biden tries to swoop in on a Huey lobbing missiles at the Red States to take credit for the natural burnout of Omicron and ending COVID-9/11’s threat to humanity.

Expect a big grandstanding speech written by Aaron Sorkin about serving the common good as the denouement to ensure millions take the blue pill and go back to sleep.

It may wind up being the worst screenplay since Young Einstein. Unfortunately, it’ll do enough box office to keep MSNBC in business.

But it’s coming to a screen near you.

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