In 2016 I told the few people who were listening to me then that I thought Trump would win Florida by around seven points depending on the level of cheating in Broward and Dade counties by now deposed and disgraced Broward Supervisor of Election, Brenda Snipes.

He wound up winning by three, so to me that says there was likely a fair amount of it going on. Argue with me all you want but I operate, normally, under the principle that U.S. elections of any import are determined by the maxim …

He who cheats best, wins.

Call it the Luongo Rule of Electoral Politics if you will.

This year we know that the cheating will be systemic and of a kind that we’ve not experienced before. There is no more decorum about it. Only those truly naive or in the media will tell you otherwise.

In this election the ideologues have been radicalized on all sides to view the threat of the other side winning as existential to their future. And, far be it for me to tell them they’re wrong, because when I’m being honest with myself, they aren’t.

So that gives them not only motive, means and opportunity to cheat but also the fervent belief that they have to in order to save society itself. Well, at least, that’s what they are telling themselves as they go about doing it.

What’s also very clear is that the oligarch class which animates the establishment wing of the Republican party is working with the whole of the Democratic party and the media to remove Trump from power by any and all means necessary.

And while they are certainly signaling that they will use any and all means necessary to achieve this end, they would prefer for their actions to have the veneer of respectability, through some form of electoral mandate, even if that mandate is patent fiction.

Now any political neophyte knows Florida is the most important state in the union today from an electoral college perspective. Without Florida both Trump and Biden have a very difficult path to victory.

Those 29 (soon to be 31) electoral votes represent the pivot on which the entire election rests. I spent an hour recently with Joe Cotto of the Cotto/Gottfried Show talking about this from a uniquely Florida perspective which I think should give anyone pause who thinks Florida is actually up for grabs, because it isn’t.

Caption: They even got mah Trump Face… must love YouTube!

Looking back on the whole Coronapocalypse a tremendous amount of attention and pressure was placed on Governor Ron DeSantis to destroy the state economy.

It seemed every five days or so I’d log into Twitter to see some version of #DeSantisMustDie trending. After six months of it it’s a little tiring.

Then again, after a four-year temper tantrum electoral politics is pretty much tiresome.

For most of this year the polls have all told us that Joe Biden was winning in Florida. And that may have been the case six months ago, you know, when no one gave a crap about the presidential election except people who make their living covering it.

Guilty as charged.

But in the wake of almost surreal violence and scenes of looting and, frankly, animal-like behavior all that was ever going to do was push the moderate voter in a state like Florida towards Donald Trump, not away from him.

And now the polls, as flawed and dishonest as most of them are, have begun to reflect this basic truth. At no time in 2016 did Trump lead the polls in Florida. On election night I watched the faces of shitlibs from across the socio-economic spectrum of Alachua county go into paroxysms of despair as the results came in.

I almost, for a minute, felt bad for them.

So, this years, in my analysis, it doesn’t help that even the die-hard Democrat midwits I’ve known for most of my life are holding their nose to vote for Biden, not because he’s any good but because their own sense of self would be tarnished forever by voting Republican.

That level of disgust is a not a motivator to vote, it’s a motivator to stay home and drink heavily. And it will not play well for Biden here, nor will it help him win Democratic strongholds by the same majorities Democrats usually win by in places like Broward, Leon (Tallahassee), Alachua (Gainesville) and even Miami-Dade.

The fear that Florida will go big for Trump is so acute now Mini Mike Bloomberg and LeBron James are spending millions to pay off debts of black and Hispanic felons to restore their voting rights before the election hoping that translates into enough votes to push Biden to victory.

Honestly, they should worry more about pushing him to the teleprompter lucid at this point.

Now, don’t get me wrong, felons who have paid their way back to make restitution to their victims should be allowed to decide who rules over them. I think they should have their right to self-defense restored as well, especially non-violent felons.

But what’s happening here is blatant electioneering and an in-kind contribution to the Biden campaign. It’s indicative of what happens when you invest too much power in the political process, the power corrupts everyone and incentivizes them to skirt the rules.

Given that the entire political, legal and monetary system is designed to roll wealth up to oligarchs like Bloomberg it seriously distorts their power to alter the course of elections at a fundamental level.

All libertarian critiques of why handing these people money, guns and laws is a truly terrible idea apply here.

The problem with money in politics is that there is money in politics.

And that won’t change until the systems themselves are decentralized and stripped of their power.

That’s what is so seductively dangerous about the whole “Defund the Police” movement, it is highlighting a real inequity in our society. Police and prosecutors have too much power and too much immunity from the consequences of their actions and the use of their power.

And I’m happy to have a real conversation about how to alter the path we’re on – End the Drug War, get rid of income taxes, tort reform, strengthen home rule of states, etc. But that’s not what Antifa and BLM are offering. It isn’t what the Democrats’ silent assent for their subhuman behavior will offer us if they return to power.

And as far as I can tell very few people here in the state of Florida disagree with me on this.

So, the last stand of American Marxists is on full display and they’ve brought not only their dirty money, like most of the money Bloomberg has made in his life, but now their racial Struggle Sessions to the streets of St. Petersburg.

And if anyone in that video had two operating brain cells to rub together to make a spark they’d realize this isn’t going to win them an election. And then the Soros/Brock bucks will vanish and they’ll just be more grist for the mill of oligarchs like Mini Mike.

They have gone all-in on this strategy. Men like George Soros have spent billions in support of this push for the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. They aren’t going to allow such a little thing like the passing of a supreme court justice at the wrong time deter them from their goal.

You don’t need to have a dog’s keen nose to smell the fear and desperation that clings to these people, however. It is palpable in their behavior, their rhetoric and their over-reaction to everything Trump does or might do.

And their act is tiresome.

The American people have fear porn fatigue. It’s showing up in the polls and its showing up in their hysterics.

Regardless of how the election turns out, there will be no rest from the violence unleashed and the violence yet to come when millions of Americans come to the uncomfortable conclusion that they will never hold power again in their lifetimes.

No matter how they try to buy our obedience in Florida. Because this is the Florida I know.

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