“The life of a repo man is always intense.”
— Miller “Repo Man”

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Last month we talked about the growing divide between the people and their governments.  This month the divide opens wider between different governments.  

Support his attack on Iran or not, Donald Trump set in motion a chain of events which will change the face o the world. 

At the same time the Fed is trapped holding back the tide of higer interest rates in the Repo Markets.

These two conflicts will play out in 2020 and the people in charge are being pushed to their breaking points.

Trump is fending off a domestic coup by the Democrats while holding his own party at bay.

Angela Merkel is facing the same thing.  So is Benjamin Netanyahu. 

And all of this will play out allowing men like Mike Pompeo to turn Iraq into the new battlefield on which the future of the Middle East will be fought.

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  • Why Trump’s killing Soleimani touched off a global geopolitical storm
  • How angry European leaders are at the U.S. for treating them like vassals.
  • How gold and oil responded to the attack and why we’re positioned well.
  • What is driving a new bull market in Bitcoin and how to play it
  • How important a shy young man from Canada changed my life.

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