“It seems that if there was any truth to our language,
trust would be a four-letter word.”

— Joel “Risky Business”

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“Division!” rang out on the floor of British Parliament over Brexit so many times this past year it became a symbol of the growing gulf between the people and those that are supposed to represent them. 

2019 was the transition year.  2020 will be the year of emerging political crisis. 

The Division Bell will not stop ringing.

And those with power will continue to fight a losing battle against rising anger at their rule.  Because the lies are so thick and the promises so fake that the longer it continues the worse the backlash will be.

Investing in 2020 will be an exercise in watching the carefully managed narratives of central bankers and politicians collapse under the weight of crushing debt.

Leaders will change, governments fall and central banks exposed as incapable and incompetent.

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter focuses on the state of play in geopolitics and how that affects the most important markets in the world, the currency markets.

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