The unbearable harpies of The View that gather every weekday on ABC to show the world what toxic femininity looks like reached their peak of relevance this week thanks to two Presidential candidates, Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Donald Trump Jr. (R-Future).

Both Gabbard and Trump Jr. sat in the middle seat and commanded it like they owned it, doing what most of America has been begging for for years, to put both the panel and their hand-picked audience in their place.

Since she entered the race for the Democratic nomination Gabbard has been under consistent attack by the establishment.  They repeatedly make the arrogant mistake of trying to bully from their pulpit believing they can destroy a person of obvious character into submission who dissents from foreign policy orthodoxy, the true third-rail of American politics.

The hope is that Gabbard will make a mistake which can be then played ad nauseum, ad infinitum until she slinks off the stage in shame.

But Gabbard is too strong for that.  And the difference in demeanor and character was plainly evident as she turned on Joy Behar, the lead torchbearer for all things anti-Trump, war-like and pathetic.

Gabbard didn’t waste time, taking the fight to The View before they knew what was happening.  Because she has learned in this game that you do not fight on ground prepared by your opponent. 

You set the stage.  You command the field.  It’s safe to say she’s learned something while being in the military for the past seventeen years.

Doing this, you make your opponents look petty, venal and stupid for saying the things they’re saying.

By confronting her accusers directly Gabbard showed everyone watching the difference between the caricature created by Clinton and her cronies on The View and the reality of her character. 

And that is the kind of narrative-breaking moment that sinks careers for some and defines them for others.

Speaking of careers, like it or not, Donald Trump Jr. has a future in politics.  He came onto The View, like Gabbard the day before, armed to the teeth and ready use everything at his disposal. 

He knows walking into that arena they aren’t going to fight fair, that they’ll fall back on the laziest of arguments, like Meghan McCain virtue signaling her false eyelashes off over “Gold Star Families” who are disrespected by President Trump’s private locker room conversation, while disgustingly wrapping herself in her dead father’s flag.

And his comebacks and arguments were so strong that he had The View’s audience cheering for him.  It forced Joy Behar to publicly scold her audience that her show wasn’t a MAGA rally. 

A very Behar moment — petty, venal and stupid.

And when he goes anywhere near attacking their character they scream him down, and fade to black. Whoopi comes out looking like a pathetic bully having to ‘call for the bailiff’ to stop a conversation and fight she knows she’s going to lose.

Because how do you excuse pedophilia unless you’re a sick twisted bitch?

Trump Jr. in less than one seven-minute television segment ripped off their masks revealing the true depth of The View’s ugliness.

The View Revealed (H/T The Bleeding Fool)

It was masterful.

It proves that he learned at his father’s knee and is absolutely a force to be reckoned with.

It revealed that The View’s view of America comes from Hell itself.

These are bile-filled opportunists who champion infanticide, defend child molestation and cover for mass murderers while showing zero tolerance for dissent because ‘muh feelingz are your responsibility.’

Newsflash for you Whoopie, they most certainly are not.

Their worldview is so solipsistic the name of the show is ‘The View.’ Not A View or Our View.

The View.

Now, why is this important?  Why am I going on about this? 

Because The View, like so much of televised media, is a pillar of the system of control to shape what you think, who you think these thoughts at and what to say to someone who doesn’t think them. 

It exists to reinforce whatever narrative the self-serving Western oligarchy wants the women of America to think about politics. 

When Gabbard went on, the establishment was already up to its neck burying James O’Keefe’s bombshell video of Good Morning America’s Amy Robach talking about how her expose of Jeffrey Epstein was squashed by pressure from the British royal family.

And for Gabbard and Trump Jr. to come in on consecutive days and rip The View apart reminds us just how sad and ineffectual that system has become.

Because these incidents remind us that we live in a Post Dorothy Oz. 

Dorothy pulled back the curtain to reveal a sad, pathetic man with no power. Then she goes home leaving a landscape behind her that will have to struggle with the loss of institutional control.  After all, Oz is revealed as a false god and the Witch is dead, so what comes next? 

Because, we can see them now.  We’re all wearing our Roddy Piper sunglasses.

But are we ready to chew some bubblegum?

I think so.

Gabbard and Trump Jr. woke thousands of people up this week outside of their respective echo chambers. 

They are becoming champions to the voiceless.  And everywhere we look new instances of “Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” are springing up not just on the Internet but in the real world. 

It seems everyday more people are donning their Guy Fawkes masks ready to tear the entire rotten edifice down.

The revolt against these revolting people is here.  Hillary Clinton still thinks she can call up her friends at CNN or ABC and seed her Alinsky-inspired talking point into the narrative to shape reality in her favor.

That only works when the people are still willing to believe that the Wizard is all-powerful. 

The system, however, doesn’t work anymore.  But unfortunately, the remnants of it are still functioning and capable of doing tremendous damage while it fails. 

It doesn’t matter if we’re looking at places like Syria, Yemen, Hong Kong, the shit-filled streets of San Francisco or Libya.  These places all remain incredibly dangerous because while the control systems are failing, the infrastructure it protects is still operating.

If anything, it’s going into overdrive with the push for pre-crime, total surveillance, the scrubbing of inconvenient historical truths and assaults on basic human liberties and dignity.

And keepers of the status quo like Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg and ABC News will not survive it with their View intact.   

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