I was on Sputnik Radio’s excellent Fault Lines talking about Iran and the latest information we have on the circumstances surrounding Iran shooting down the U.S. drone.

This was taped before I read this article at the New York Times which makes it clear that there was doubt in the Trump administration as to the drone’s position when it was shot down.

This frames Trump’s decisions and statements in a completely different light than how they appeared in the hours after the drone was shot down.

Now with Iran claiming no mistake was made, that the U.S. violated their airspace and was warned TWICE to leave before hostilities ensued puts Trump in a very big bind.

Click here to watch/listen to this interview (it’s 40 minutes). I can’t embed this because I guess wrongthink isn’t approved by YouTube.


Thanks as always to Lee and Garland for the invite, I always have a great time and it gives me no end of pleasure to tweak the U.S. establishment on D.C. based radio.

Also, Livestreams on my YouTube channel happen every Monday at 8pm and Fridays at 8:30pm.

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