“So this is how Democracy dies…
… to thunderous applause.”

— Padme Amidala, Attack of the Clones

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While May 4th may have been Star Wars Day, Star Wars reminds us that nothing lasts forever and all political systems, no matter how powerful, eventually rot from within.

This month is all about elections and the end of stories years in the making.  We’ve entered into a period of extreme political unrest.  And this month’s European Parliamentary elections are shaping up to change the course of Europe while the EU attempts to clamp down on dissent having nearly destroyed Brexit.

Or did they?

Nigel Farage has more than a little to say about that and he’s positioned to change the course of British Politics for the next 100 years.

Donald Trump’s rampage across the world’s dollar-based global trade is only just beginning to make it’s presence felt now that he’s gone through with what no one, including himself, ever thought he’d actually do… impose massive tariffs on U.S. taxpayers while blaming China for the problem we created at home.

Whoever said winning trade wars was easy must have fallen asleep in history class.

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  • How Nigel Farage can remake the 2 party system in the U.K.
  • Why Gazprom is hitting on all cylinders before major pipeline projects are even completed.
  • How Pretium Resources put to rest all worries about the company’s future 
  • What is up and down with our cryptocurrency picks in light of Bitcoin’s impressive (most impressive) rally.
  • Why Game of Thrones sadly fulfilled all my biggest worries going back to its first publication.

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