Soros Confirms He is Losing in Europe

Last month at Davos, George Soros turned around completely on China, echoing the Trump administration (of all things) in warning the world against the rise of China versus his previous stance.

The main reason for this shift in Soros’ attitude on China stems from his fear that the European Union will not achieve its goals of becoming the next great world power and subjugate the Chinese, but rather dissolve like the Soviet Union on which it is based.

He finally aired those fears in another of his infamous op-eds over at Project Syndicate (link through RT here). In sum, they are simply that Europeans must chuck off that which makes them individuals for the sake of Mother Europe.

The European Union is the highest ideal and, as such, should be that for all decent Europeans. This is the highest form of collectivist thinking.

And it’s time to circle the wagons against the ravening hordes of people who don’t like getting slowly bled to death, their culture eradicated, their neighborhoods destroyed and their dignity as people shot in the face with tear gas.

I’ve read megalomaniacal treatises in my life, but this one was impressive to say the least.

At least he didn’t lament the EU’s mistakes by invoking omelette’s and eggs.

I could (and maybe should) go into a point by point counter of all of Soros’ terrible assumptions but we’ve all heard variations on this Marxist twaddle for years.

The important part of this op-ed is not the substance, which itself designed to be chum for conservatives to lose their minds over, but the reason it was written in the first place.

George Soros is losing.

People with power only come out of the closet and plead like this when they are losing. Empires don’t negotiate, they dictate. The same goes for billionaire financiers who are the product of the bubbles they helped blow but refuse to accept the responsibility for when they pop.

No, that’s the fault of those savage Euroskeptics not being sufficiently committed to the cause. Y’all aren’t woke enough in Soros-land.

People like Soros buy influence behind the scenes to get what they want. Soros outing himself from behind the curtain is telling of how anxious he has become.

Instead of sounding like a prophet, he comes off as a clueless old leftie with a lot of money in his pocket talking his book.

To those truly woke to Soros’ schtick, I say what else is new?

He is no different than the tired and moldy Marxists in the Democratic Party here in the U.S. and their useful idiots, arguing that Socialism hasn’t failed, it simply hasn’t been properly implemented yet.

So 150 million dead people (not counting the wars) in the 20th century wasn’t refutation enough?

You can rebrand it ‘Democratic Socialism’ or ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ all you want, but in the end it is still just a bunch of dudes and dudettes, sitting around playing god while the rest of us toil waiting for the costs of going along with them rising above the cost of overthrowing you.

Welcome to the World Socialism Built.

Democratic Socialism has been the dominant political ideology of the age, going back to the Progressive Era. Y’all have been in charge in some form or another for the past 90 years and Soros thinks the reason his social engineering experiment called the EU is failing because of outdated political party systems he sees as vestiges of the fight between labor and capital.

I’m not shocked George has gotten this all wrong since he made his money fixing currency markets, having gotten his money neither through labor or the creation of capital goods.

Soros mistook getting uber-rich in a corrupt system somehow validated his sense of superiority, versus just being a crook.

Hubris is the downfall of all rulers and would-be Emperors. And if he lived in a different time he may have been able to pull this off. But global communications, the natural forces of decentralization and the basic laws of both physics and economics caught up with him before his dreams could come to light.

If there was ever a moment that signaled the end of the European Union, it was George Soros admitting, in public, that we should look on all his works and despair.

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9 thoughts on “Soros Confirms He is Losing in Europe

  1. Glenn Beck laid him out years ago, from his books and in his own words.
    Two part videos. Left oriented MSM that he has funded obviously kiss him up.

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  3. It was interesting to read the op-ed and his lamentation of the demise of the USSR and how the EU(SSR) is headed down the same path. Soro’s in my opinion, was delusional in his view of the potential of the EU(SSR). His belief was that the EU would rise to incorporate the US in some sort of Western cultural hegemony, with open borders and US military might ? EU(SSR) never stood a chance at dominating the US or even roping them down to do it’s bidding. The things that the EU(SSR) lacked were the things that make a country. Common language, enemies, and values. The diversity of the EU(SSR) worked against itself and enlargement aggravated it.

    The EU(SSR) is the Ottoman Empire of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It’s propped up by outside forces and would collapse on the withdrawal of that support. Soro’s and the profiteering elites are the only ones who have not realized it. Other then wealth, there’s no reason for EU(SSR) unity.

  4. Your are absolutely correct to say that ‘Democratic Socialism has been the dominant political ideology of the age’. The key to understanding why this is the case is something everyone not of a far left persuasion has failed to counter for decades now. In response we have lots of worthy explanations and policies that go right over the heads of a large part of the electorate who more readily identify with a socialist agenda and see it as more beneficial to themselves.

    We have finally stumbled upon an antidote in populism which is the reason for Georgie Boy’s angst. Not an ideology but policies meeting the needs of the people while not pandering to the Elites. It should have happened sooner but right leaning parties have traditionally been happy to suck up to those with money so, to many, they have represented the privileged and not the common man.

  5. Testify Tom! Good stuff and all of it on point. You can fool some of the people some of the time but no proud human is going to accept having their worth allocated to them by a board of useless, alcoholic, often-pedophile bureaucrats. Forget economics or anything else, Socialims fails because no human (whom the state hasn’t previously killed) is going to stand for it for long. Even after 200 million people were made an example of, Socialism still has no legs and is increasingly becoming an outright pariah. That which was put in us by our creator cannot be suppressed by the machinations of feeble old men looking to live live lords while doing nothing.

    • Exactly Dutch… I like to remind people that lies are expensive to maintain and the truth is cheap and ultimately that is what pricks all of the bubbles these people blow up.

  6. Very good news. It will be interesting to watch the media matters shillosphere/ David Brockalites over the next six months. If Soros is in retreat, that operation will soon consistently showing signs of bottoming out. It’s soros and his subsidiary groups propping up the entire Marxist online troll farm. Can’t wait to tell those pieces of shit to learn to code when their checks stop coming.

    Great quote from Shelley with Ozymandias. Soros is going to make one ugly ass sand swept monument in the wastes of th EU.

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