The more I follow the details of the Brexit story the more I sense complete panic from the camp that wants to Remain in the European Union.

Next week’s vote for Prime Minister Theresa May’s ‘Plan B’ deal will see a series of amendments voted on to tie the her hands between now and March 29th. These are making the headlines raising the hopes of Remainers and, most especially Wall St., that a “No-Deal’ Brexit will not occur.

The headlines are all Kabuki Theatre.

As I explained in an article for Strategic Culture Foundation the real story is the self-destructive behavior of Remainers. They are sacrificing all their political capital to stop a Brexit the people want (and voted for) with positions they can’t defend in specific terms.

The talking point that is repeated ad nauseum ad infinitum is ‘No-Deal’ would be horrible. It carries the implicit assumption that the people do not know what’s good for them.

But in reality a ‘No-Deal’ is horrible for the very people arguing against it. In politics, everyone is talking their book.

Labour’s Misconceptions

It would be to Labour’s immense political advantage to back ‘No-Deal.’ The time to do that was last fall when details of May’s horrific ‘No-Brexit Brexit’ deal became public. They could have and should have taken the opposite side, championed a harder Brexit.

They would have won the backing of the people and forced May from office.

The fact that Labour is so dead set against Brexit of any meaningful form tells you just how out of touch, corrupt and arrogant they truly are.

But they miscalculated thinking the opinion polls showing them in the lead as a refutation of Brexit, not of the government’s handling of it.

Now they are truly panicking.

So, again, with another amendment backbencher Yvette Cooper is trying to undermine Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn by forcing him to back positions he doesn’t believe in — second referendum, delaying Article 50, etc.

But that’s about all this is worth. Because her amendment, and the five others like it, are simply guide lines.

Like last week’s drama these amendments are nothing more than virtue signaling. From the Guardian:

Amendments are not legally binding but if any of them get majority support there will be considerable pressure on the government to act according to the will of MPs.
All amendments will be subject to the Speaker’s discretion and it is unclear how many he will allow to proceed to a vote.”

But Theresa May has made it very clear on Monday that she could care less about these amendments because the Act which invoked Article 50 comes into effect on March 29th despite the whinging of Remainer MPs.

If anyone is shuffling deck chairs on their personal Titanic it is Remainers who refuse to give up the dream of scuttling Brexit.

Fear and Whinging in Westminster

Remember, Theresa May held snap elections to put everyone on paper affirming their support of the 2016 Brexit referendum and now all of these people are doing Brussels’ work for them undermining it.

May herself is going for the political jugular urging her cabinet and chancellors to vote against these amendments. She is forcing them to openly support a constitutional challenge to her authority.

Authority they just voted to affirm not last week, I might add. This is the right move by her. More cabinet defections at this point would be in her favor.

I think it’s clear at this point that May realizes the stakes here and can only navigate through this by remaining the only major political figure in the U.K. that fully supports the people’s will to honor the referendum and deliver a meaningful Brexit while hanging the event of a ‘No-Deal’ on Parliament.

Even if she doesn’t believe herself that to be the optimal outcome.

That’s why these amendments are panic moves. Project Fear over a hard Brexit has failed. Because waiting in the wings is the kind of political and economic crisis that will shake the foundations of Europe to their core.

The biggest worry from a hard Brexit is the unveiling of the EU’s lack of negotiating power over its member states. Brussels continues to portray invincibility and inevitability but that image is shattered by a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit the entire political class has invested so much in stopping.

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