Macron May Trigger Debt Crisis with Yellow Vest Crackdown

The Yellow Vests have reached critical mass. And the movement has now created the perfect storm for President Emmanuel Macron.

He can no longer ignore it, even though he tried to do so. And his lack of understanding of the situation as well as his open contempt for his opposition has placed him in a political vice.

Ignoring the problem will only make him look weaker and more disinterested. He could address the situation, put France first and step aside for new elections, which is the decent thing to do.

But, he’s chosen the predictable third option, crack down on the protesters in a futile show of strength. Authoritarians react to challenges like clockwork.

Disobedience is met with violence. More disobedience is met with more violence.

Before last weekend’s Act VIII protests Macron had one of the Yellow Vests original organizers, Éric Drouet, a truck driver, arrested and released pending a trial for “organizing an undeclared demonstration” while meeting with friends at a restaurant.

Guns Not Butter

Update: Now PM Edouard Philippe is signaling a new law that will ban all forms of protests. According to the latest from Zerohedge:

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented the new initiative to curtail the violence and unrest while targeting “troublemakers” and banning anonymity through wearing masks on French TV channel TF1 on Monday. He said the law would give police authority crack down on “unauthorized demonstrations” at a moment when police are already arresting citizens for merely wearing a yellow vest, even if they are not directly engaged in protests in some cases. 
PM Philippe said the government would support a “new law punishing those who do not respect the requirement to declare [protests], those who take part in unauthorized demonstrations and those who arrive at demonstrations wearing face masks”.
Philippe’s tone during the statements was one of the proverbial “the gloves are off” as he described the onus would be on “the troublemakers, and not taxpayers, to pay for the damage caused” to businesses and property. 
“Those who question our institutions will not have the last word,” he added.

Translation: You will accept your fate as serfs to the globalist order I serve or you will be wiped out. And this is the path that all governments choose just before they are overthrown, seeing no other option because weakness equals death in politics.

The problem is that competence, not power, as Jordan Peterson continually points out, is what gives legitimacy to leaders and institutions. Our dominance hierarchies are not based on power, but competence. And with this speech Philippe joins Macron in proving he has nether.

The Yellow Vests are responding to an obvious lack of competence, that’s what lack of faith in institutions looks like. So, even if order is restored and the Yellow Vests subdued in the short run it will always lead to a bigger uprising later.

This is the lesson of the French elite rigging the election in Macron’s favor last year. They did so to continue the march towards their plan of European integration and the destruction of culture like the good little cultural Marxists they are and the people have rejected it wholly, refusing to be bought off with crumbs (small tax breaks).

Revolt, Italian Style

Into the midst of this come the Italian Dynamic Duo of Salvini and Di Maio, leaders of the two Euroskeptic parties which make up the ruling coalition there. They both encouraged the Yellow Vests to continue to pressure the French government into reform.

All Philippe’s government could do was respond with “sweep your own door.” Ooh, do you feel the burn from that one!

And after Yellow Vests targeted both the Bank of France in Rouen and the National Assembly in Paris, Macron’s government has finally come out of hiding to announce even stronger crackdowns on these protests.

But Macron himself couldn’t do it. If he did it would simply spark an even more extreme reaction. So, at this point Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is handling the bad PR duties informing everyone that even more crackdowns are coming on these protests.

Because order and all of that.

But, the important take away from this announcement of further crackdowns is that this should only make things worse for Macron and Philippe. And it will further destabilize French society as over-worked (and seriously under-paid) police are asked to do more.

Remember, the French police donned their own yellow vests at one point complaining that they hadn’t been paid for the over-time they’ve put in to “control” these protests by stoking further violence.

Goodbye Ostrich Market

If France falls into complete political chaos it will eventually force equity and bond markets to pull their heads out of the sand and see the truth for what it is, that Europe is not the model of future stability just because Macron, Merkel and Super Mario Draghi say it is.

A call for a further crackdown against protests is the same response as the new EU laws on internet speech and dissemination of memes, Articles 11 and 13, they are attempts to stop open dissent against a distant and uninvolved leadership.

The Yellow Vests in France have made the cognitive leap that Italians did in last year’s elections. That the EU is a scam and all of its policies were designed to do exactly what its done — impoverish the working classes, enrich the aristocracy and enforce it through a Byzantine bureaucracy that makes the world of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil look like a Toyota factory floor.

A France on general strike, paralyzed by political turmoil and a government at war with itself, even if Macron steps aside, will call into serious question the future viability of the EU and the euro.

This is why Salvini and Di Maio’s support of the Yellow Vests is so important, it provides another vector of attack on the EU which they eventually cannot ignore.

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27 thoughts on “Macron May Trigger Debt Crisis with Yellow Vest Crackdown

  1. To add to its woes I was reading elsewhere this morning that France also faces a serious problem of increasing radicalization within its young Muslim population. Its all adding up to a chaos that elites across Europe have already lost control of.

      • Hi Tom, In case you missed it, you were quoted on The Duran regarding the crackdown on the Yellow vests.

      • I didn’t see this… but I have now… PJW yesterday and The Duran today… that article is making the rounds. Good…Thanks Bruce.

    • Macron has stated ‘Europe has its destiny bound with Africa’ and ‘jihad terrorism is part of daily life in France’ so radicalization can’t be a problem as its what Europe clearly needs. After all, all cultures are equal except so called ‘European culture’ which doesn’t exist. Those ‘Yellow Vests’ just aren’t intelligent enough to understand Macron’s great vision, they obviously need replacing.

      • France has employed jackboot colonialism on Africa for so long I imagine there is serious resentment afoot.

      • Yvonne – As part of the globalist efforts to control Europe they need to eradicate all feelings of cultural identity. Macron has stated words to the effect it is unpatriotic for French women not to have babies of mixed race. There are also government advice adverts now appearing in Sweden and Germany along the same lines.

        We can expect more of this with social pressure being applied to young girls to conform, if you have purely white children then you are clearly a racist. Peer pressure is a powerful tool.

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  15. Passing new laws will surely resolve the problems in France.
    Next, these legislators should enact a new deportation order for all mosquitoes thereby getting rid of a real nuisance. Further, a new law to stop the Grand Solar Minimum is in order to allow the Anthropogenic Climate Change scam to continue functioning.
    Thank goodness for these politicians that can solve all problems with new laws.

    • I know, just sign a piece of paper and imbue it with magical properties. It’s like giving a man a costume and a medal and elevating him above his peers.

  16. The situation in France does have one positive benefit for the people of the world. The average Frenchman now understands that the police are their enemy. It has always been so, but propaganda has up till now convinced people that the police are there to “protect and serve” them.

    The police are staffed with amoral individuals that “follow orders” to get a paycheck. They even used the Yellow Vest phenomenon to get a better salary as their masters in gov’t know that these cretins are their first line of defense from the population as a while.

    If one seriously considers the character of the average cop, one would conclude that he/she is an otherwise unemployable thug that has found his/her calling. These are not people with higher education or any marketable skills other than bashing heads in for the gov’t. These are welfare recipients that wear a costume and carry a weapon to protect the overlords in gov’t being paid for by the taxes extorted from the population under the threat of violence.

    The police scam is becoming obvious to more and more people.

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