“Nothing Ever Ends, Adrian”
— Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen

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With the mid-term elections behind us some things are very clear.  There are deep, irreconcilable differences in the U.S. political system that will play out over the next few years.  And what is really clear in these first few days is that any air of civility or decency is gone.

And it is never coming back.

But as things are beginning to get bad here in the U.S. events are accelerating in Germany and Europe.  The markets are waking up to the reality that Angela Merkel will not lead Germany for much longer and the longer she holds on the worse the final outcome will be.

Populism is popular and it’s rising quickly to overwhelm Merkel and her Davos Crowd backers.

The lack of transparency and encouraged lawlessness will tear our society apart which is why more people are returning to core traditions, core ideas and searching for solutions beyond the control of the venal folks who think they run the world.

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter focuses on coming to terms with knowing that the fight for your community against the rising tide of corruption never, ever ends.

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  • How he mid-terms solved nothing and complicated things even more.
  • Why Trump will have to move quickly to shift course in Foreign Policy
  • How our core portfolio holdings fared in Q3
  • Why Governance is a key issue for the future of Crypto and what one alt-coin is doing about it.
  • The remarkable transformation of Russia is fueled not from government stability but the Russian people’s faith in themselves.

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