Podcast Interview: Alex Krainer and the Grand Deception of Bill Browder

Having just launched the official Gold Goats ‘n Guns Podcast last week I’m delighted to bring you my first interview where I’m on the other side of the microphone, as it were.

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Alex Krainer is a commodities trader and the Author of Grand Deception: The Truth About Bill Browder, the Magnitsky Act, and Anti-Russian Sanctions .

This is a book I highly recommend to get a sense of just how dishonest Browder’s own book, Red Notice, is.  It asks very pertinent questions about Browder’s role in shaping the narrative surrounding Russia, its president, Vladimir Putin and the ultimate goals of the U.S. and European political and oligarchical classes.

You can support Alex and his book by going to Red Pill Press, now, thanks to Browder’s interference, the only place on the web you can get a copy of it.

You can also follow Alex on Twitter by following @NakedHedgie.

Alex Krainer Biography:

Alex Krainer (born in 1970) is an author and hedge fund manager based in Monaco. Alex was born and raised in a socialist regime of former Yugoslavia, under one-party communist rule. As a 17-year old he joined a student exchange program and spent a year in California.

Extending his stay, he took up his university studies there, ultimately transferring to Switzerland where he completed a degree in Business and Economics. From Switzerland his path led him to Venezuela where he lived for a year and experienced his first banking crisis when 9 of Venezuela’s 16 largest banks failed and brought the country’s economy to a grinding halt.

With his plans and endeavours thwarted, he returned to Croatia and joined the military where he served through 1995 during the last phases of Croatia’s war of independence. Soon after finishing his military service, Alex took employment at an oil trading company in Monaco.

By the year 2000 he became the firm’s risk manager and originated the firm’s research and development program in market analysis and application of neural networks and artificial intelligence in trading of financial and commodities markets.

By 2007 Alex launched his own investment management business and was among the small minority of managers who generated positive investment returns (+27%) through the 2008 financial crisis. Over the following six years, his fund outperformed the Dow Jones Credit Suisse index of Blue Chip commodities trading funds.

This opened the door into the big league asset managers and in 2011 Alex Joined Lee Robinson’s Altana Wealth with the mandate of managing the firm’s inflation hedging strategy. In more recent years, Alex also busied himself as an author. In 2015 he published his first book titled, “Mastering Uncertainty in Commodities Trading.”

Having discovered a passion for writing and stumbling upon the story of Bill Browder and the Magnitsky Act, Alex wrote his second book, unrelated to trading. “The Killing of William Browder” attempts to deconstruct Bill Browder’s narrative, which has played an important role in the conflict between Russia and the west – a needless conflict that could escalate towards a hot war.

Within five weeks, Browder’s lawyer Jonathan Winer leaned on Amazon to suppress the book. In July of 2018 the book was republished by a brave publisher Red Pill Press as “Grand Deception: the truth about Bill Browder, the Magnitsky Act and anti-Russia sanctions.”

However, after only six weeks on the market, the book was again banned. While the future remains to be written, Alex’s endeavors will remain devoted to contributing towards a future endowed with peace, cooperation among nations, prosperity and emancipation of all humanity.

11 thoughts on “Podcast Interview: Alex Krainer and the Grand Deception of Bill Browder

  1. Dear Mr. Luongo, I’m a retired photojournalist living in a very small village in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. I found Gold, goats n’ guns thru your articles published in Russia Insider about a year ago. Since then I became a big fan of your posts on youtube and listen to all of it. I just listen to yours friday post and it bothers me your comment about what hapenned to the candidate Jair Bolsonaro. Mr. Bolsonaro is not just a rigth wing candidate, he is openly a facist, racist, misoginist, and worst of all he is what we call here a “entreguista” , wich means his project is to deliver to transnational corporations all the wealth we desperated need to overcome the shamefull inequality that plagues our society, his project is to put us apart from BRICS and a return to the status of a colony of the anglozionist Empire of caos, to use Saker’s and Pepe Escobar’s expressions. I really want to fight for the truth and against fake narratives, Doing so I use to translate various articles from the alternative journalism all around the world for my friends to read.
    So I ask you please to try to read about what’s going on here in Brazil, wich is very dangerous to our future, from alternative sources, because I sincerelly think you are very bad informed on that matter.
    Excuse me to put this in this comment box, I tried to find a e-mail adress in the home page.
    Cordially, sincerelly
    Beto Magalhães, from Brasil.

  2. Thanks Tom and Alex for this interview. And as Bruce said above, Bolton was back with a bang today. The US is distancing itself from the International Criminal Court big time. I watched the movie you talked about, and it is so obvious that Browder is a liar and cheat and ……

  3. Great interview Tom. Alex is a really interesting guest. I particularly enjoyed both of your reflections on the real Donald Trump.

    • He was. I loved talking with him. And being able to have a discussion where we each presented our case and learned a little is the best kind.

  4. Actually, Bolton was in the news for two matters yesterday:

    – To threaten the ICC if they investigate the U.S. for possible war crimes committed in Afghanistan. Of course, It took but a few seconds for Bolton to mention the word “Israel” as he then went on to further threaten the ICC if they continue to investigate Israel for its behavior in and along the border with Gaza.

    – Bolton then threatened Assad with an even more violent military response (than the previous two) if he employs chemical weapons in its Idlib campaign. Assad’s use of chemical weapons has already been confidently predicted and proven by one of the world’s most reliable oracle priestesses, Nikki Haley.

    The great irony with Bolton is that as his media appearances ramp up sharply, nevertheless it is becoming more and more difficult to discern exactly which country in the world he serves and represents.

    Like the President, like his minions…

    • Woah, Bolton can’t be kept out of the spotlight forever, but I note that whenever he oversteps his bounds, Trump slaps him down.

      Threatening the ICC is interesting because you don’t threaten something that you aren’t afraid of being used against you. Russia’s making a list of grievances to use during the political process in Syria once the U.S. leaves.

      Not prosecuting the U.S. in the ICC and/or censuring in the U.N. will be part of the settlement.

  5. Say, has anybody taken a look at the backgrounds of the United States’ three newest “special envoys”? – viz. the ones for Syria, the “Iran Action Group” and for North Korea? This, of course, is in addition to the Trump lawyers in charge of a Mideast “peace deal of the century” and heading the U.S. mission now in Jerusalem, the Gatestone Institute’s former head Bolton down the line to Haley, Pompeo, Kushner etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

    Finally and surely, you might well ask, some men of peace?

    Sorry, just more of the usual..

    No, no, no, perish the thought – there’s no pattern to these appointments and policies! Hmmm, merely oil tanker-fulls of excuses.

    What are today’s? After all, it’s 9/11.

  6. First rate stuff! Many thanks for this.

    It is a shame that so few are able to exit the MSM hall of mirrors and gain exposure to insights like those in this interview.

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