Private Blog – Market Report 9-2 – RussiaGate and Euro Collapse

I have a new Market Report up for my subscribers on Patreon discussing how the link between Russia’s Oleg Deripaska and the FBI is having an effect on markets around the world, especially euro markets.

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6 thoughts on “Private Blog – Market Report 9-2 – RussiaGate and Euro Collapse

  1. Say, how much did Deripaska claim that Manafort owed him when he filed suit against Manafort in the Cayman Islands and in VA? Was it $25mm-ish?

    Of course, this all came out back in 2016 (thank you Michael Issikoff – 26th April 2016), but not many folks cared to take note at the time.

  2. All the global financial markets float on a sea of derivatives “hedging” their positions with counterparts, who hedge with derivatives with other counterparts, etc…resulting in much higher leverage throughout in contrast with the mortgage crisis, the dotcom bust, the LBO bust, the s&l crisis, etc. where there was a single sector. It’s hard to figure out a way to have a nice big financial crisis where the politically connected insiders get bailed out by the taxpayers at a nice profit because when it goes down it’ll be too big. The global financial system is only a ponzi scheme at this point. If pension funds are underfunded now, imagine what it will look like after the system collapses. Just by luck, life expectancies are falling in the U.S., however, and that will help.

  3. Sounds like you have decided to take the popular alt-right financial blogger line of logic that, “the markets don’t reflect anything”.

    Fair enough. Therefore, you must be square and need to adjust your comments to reflect that position (as in make none).

    Good luck.

    • Actually I don’t take that tack at all, but since you didn’t or couldn’t have watched the video you wouldn’t know what I think.

      The alt-right is 20 talented meme artists armed with Tweetdeck. Grow up.

      The title is a pure reflection of what happened in the markets and the headlines this weekend. Join my patreon and find out what my real story is versus polluting my comments with a bunch of inflammatory nonsense.

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