“Buzzard’s gotta eat, same as worms [spit]”
— Outlaw Josey Wales

John McCain is dead.  Good.

There are few figures in American politics more odious than John McCain.

McCain was chairman of the Senate Armed Services committee.  The main vector of our aggressive and ruinous foreign policy.

He served on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee overseeing everything we see today as needing reform.

And he blocked all of it.

He was, in short, no maverick.

John McCain was the ultimate member of the Status Quo. 

He worked hard to block any reform to our foreign policy of subjugation and control.  He oversaw and championed the worst legislation of the past generation.  Through him the expansion of the surveillance state flourished.

The Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act name only a couple. Through McCain the annual National Defense Authorization Act was a vector for the worst expansion of Deep State and MIC power through last minute riders and in recent years, cynical moves to block or stymie Donald Trump.

And being the vindictive little troll that he was, a pampered Admiral’s son who was the puppet of every major power-broker in D.C., he went after political opponents with the ferocity of a wolverine.

But, make no mistake, this man was a weasel and a snitch.

His death, however, is emblematic of the sea-change occurring in global politics.  Lying, racist psychopaths with dreams of global domination like McCain are yesterday’s news.

The generational shift away from Cold Warriors who have over-stayed their welcome to assist their feckless Baby Boomer children to destroy everything that the U.S. was supposed to stand for cannot be stopped at this point.

But, believe me, they will continue to try.

It’s no secret that John McCain hated Russians.  He also hated Iranians. It was a hatred so deep it meant embracing as a ‘freedom fighter’ anyone who stood against them.

Ukrainian Nazis? Check.

Head-chopping Salafist Animals in Syria? Check

Mujahadeen?  Check.

Hillary Clinton?  Check.

Likely this was because McCain betrayed his country in Vietnam as a captured high-value target to the Russians.

And that shame drove the next 40 years of his political career, along with his being spared the details of his treason going public if he served the goals of the globalist elites intent on destroying America.

So, his vile treatment of Donald Trump came as no surprise.  Trump calling him out publicly as weak for being captured and implying the truth about McCain drove McCain to apoplexy.

It’s why he passed on the ridiculous Steele dossier to the FBI.  It’s why he voted against Obamacare reform and tax cuts.  It’s why he gleefully put forth the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act last year.

The legacy of which is handing the U.S. Treasury and Office of Foreign Asset Control the power to impose sanctions on anyone or any country for pretty much any reason.

With that name the bill’s sponsors no longer felt it necessary to hide behind Bill Browder’s completely insane story about Sergei Magnitsky like they did in 2012.

John McCain did whatever his handlers told him to do.

And, because he was sticking it to Trump, whom he hated, he did it with a malicious sneer.

This is why he refused to relinquish his seat and it is why the rules need to be changed to allow Senators to be recalled.

So, what’s next?

What’s next is a big show of public grief by the world’s most disgusting people, lionizing one of their own while we are supposed to be shamed into not denigrating the memory of a sick, twisted, venal little tyrant whose actions are responsible for the death and displacement of tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of people.

Well, sorry to disappoint you, I’m not that enlightened.  Watch the video if you don’t believe me.

Why these mid-terms are so important comes down to the committees he’s a member of.  It comes down to who will rise to the chairmanship of the Armed Services Committee.

McCain was one of the most powerful men in D.C.

And he’s dead.

And his refusal to give up his seat has stymied any change.  It’s why they are pushing so hard for a Trump impeachment.  If Trump remakes the Republicans along center-right libertarian lines, i.e. filled with more people like Rand Paul than Mitt Romney, Trump can shuffle the committee decks along with the party hierarchy.

That’s why there has to be a Blue Wave in November. 

That’s why George Soros is whining in public. 

That’s why Alex Jones was de-platformed.

That’s why Michael Cohen plead guilty to something that isn’t a crime.

The only thing I’m sad about is that John McCain didn’t live long enough to see it all come crashing down.
That would have been some small measure of karmic justice for his legacy of death.

Good riddance.

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