In real estate everything comes down to location, location and location.  In geopolitics, everything comes down to leverage, leverage, and more leverage.

The U.S. has financial leverage over much of the world through the use of economic sanctions.  And with each passing day the evil of The Magnitsky Act and its progeny shows itself upon the world stage.

As no longer are countries fair game but also people and companies the targets of the foreign policy imperatives of the U.S. and Europe via the directives of the men who stand behind the public leadership.

That’s the lesson of the past few years in regards to the deterioration of U.S./Russian relations.

And despite President Trump’s instincts and the possible persuasive acts of Senator Rand Paul, the U.S. and U.K. Shadow Government is determined to remind everyone around the world, as John Hurt reminded us in V For Vendetta, “Why they need us!”

As the situation jumps the Black Sea to Turkey we can see how a simmering economic problem quickly morphs into a full-blown currency crisis.  But, as I’ve been saying this entire time, this was avoidable if President Erdogan was willing to shut up, knuckle under and kiss the brass ring.

He hasn’t and Turkey will be made to pay.

So will the Russians.  Why the U.S. has to put sanctions on Russia, nominally over the Skripal poisoning, is in support of its policy to keep Turkey from bolting formally from NATO and beyond U.S. control, since Russia is now sitting on a pile of U.S. dollars freshly obtained from dumping their entire hoard of U.S. Treasuries on the market in April and May.

Friday’s livestream talks about these things and many others.  As always, my language is, well, colorful, so headphones for the workspace is advised.

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