There comes a point sometimes when you reach the limit of exasperation.  In this very NSFW edition of the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Hour, I channel my inner Kevin Smith to simply go off on the entire L’affair Browder and the latest moves by the who I’m calling the “Magnitsky Trio” to block President Trump from making peace.

At the same time I cover the hows and whys of China’s ability to assist Turkey in realigning itself with the BRICS and Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and extricate itself from its 60+ year relationship with NATO.

Turkish president Erdogan is under intense pressure from the U.S. via Magnitsky-inspired sanctions threats to toe the line, not buy Russia’s S-400 missile defense systems and ‘get back on the reservation.’

But, what incentive does Erdogan have to do that, exactly.  Part of Trump’s failure as a foreign policy change agent is his inherent schizophrenia.  You don’t threaten partners you wish to keep on your side.  And for months, Trump held his tongue on Turkey.

Not things have changed because of the pressure he is under via the revolt of State, the Intelligence community, Soros and ‘The Harvard Boys’ who are likely behind the wholesale slaughter of the Turkish Lira.

And now, which I didn’t cover, China is considering sending troops to assist Assad and company take back Idlib.  This would be the first major deployment of Chinese troops in support of an open conflict which the U.S. is involved in quite the long time.

Meanwhile Lindsay Graham brings new meaning to the phrase ‘circus seal.’  Find out what I mean about that and more below.

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The “Magnitsky Trio” Pushes For War With Russia with New Sanctions

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China Hits Trump Back As Trade War Escalates

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